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susanhermanross 02-20-2011 03:04 PM

Celebrity Millennium
We cruised on Celebrity Millennium from Feb. 4 to the 14th. It was our first cruise. We had a wonderful time. I LOVED being on the sea. My husband liked touring the islands.

Tips about the ship (we were specifically instructed on the last day to NEVER refer to the Millennium as a 'boat'):

Unless you are cruising at holiday times this boat is not for the young. We are in our mid-fifties and we felt like youngsters. However we fit right in, early to bed, early to rise (no worms to catch). Nightlife ended about 12a.m. but it didn't matter because most of us were in bed by then (sleeping).

Unbeknownst to us until several days into the cruise, they have introduced 'select dining'. We were told about the two sittings - 6 and 8:30. We picked 6 but found it too early since we'd go on excursions, be back around 2 and eat lunch. But 8:30 was too late for us. What to do? Select dining allows you to eat anytime and meet new people every night. It was the perfect solution. That's the way we will go from now on.

The enjoyment of the excursion depends on the guide. The two excursions we took from the trip were drastically different. The guide on one was funny and very informative. The guide on the other was like your worst school teacher. Every island has tour guides waiting to take you places at prices cheaper than the ship. The success of these also depends on your guide. They are all hit and miss. Do NOT take a regular taxi. Make sure the vehicle has big windows so you can see the sights.

The service on the ship was great. We felt pampered.

The food was good in the dining room, great at the buffet.

There was a show every night at two different times. We enjoyed most of them. The comedians were great. I didn't find any activities on sea days of interest so I did a lot of reading.

The cruise director, John, was fantastic!

Our room was lovely. We had a balcony. I would definately recommend getting a balcony or at least a window.

I will go on a Celebrity cruise again.

Susan Ross

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