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halanfine 10-07-2011 11:42 AM

Walking THE PLANK is not a thing of the past on Celebrity!!!
My wife and I did back-to-back cruises on the Silhouette and Constellation in September. On the second or third day on the Constellation, the Hotel Director introduced himself to us at the afternoon cocktail hour that Celebrity sponsors for the Elite members of the Captain’s Club. He asked how we were doing and how we liked the cruise so far. I replied “Would you like my honest answers or do you just want to hear that everything is great?” He replied that he would like to hear my honest opinions and we had about a 15 minute cordial conversation about how Celebrity had changed over the years.

A day or two later, the Constellation stopped in Marmaris, Turkey until midnight. We were told that there would be a fireworks extravaganza that evening with 30 minutes of fireworks. The extravaganza lasted at most 5 minutes. On our way back to the cabin, we ran into the Hotel Director. He asked us how we enjoyed the fireworks, and again, we gave our honest opinion that they had advertised 30 minutes but gave 5, so we were disappointed.

The harassment began the next day when alarms went off after my wife put her seapass in the scanner upon returning to the ship after a day ashore. It continued with a demand that we meet the Hotel Director in his office in a few minutes. The intimidation began when a note taker was present at the meeting and the threats began when we were told that we were in violation of Celebrity Cruises Code of Customer Conduct, but that we could leave the cruise at our own expense and they would refund the balance of our cruise fare.

We did leave the cruise when we reached a port where this was feasible. Before leaving, we met with the Staff Captain to register our complaints about the Hotel Director. We have since written to the CEO of Celebrity and were contacted by a member of Celebrity Cruises Executive Guest Relations Department. After he checked with the Hotel Director, we were told that we were ”overheard” complaining to the Hotel Director by several passengers and they “had sought out” the Hotel Director to complain about that we were ruining their vacation. Also, we were heard by crew making disparaging comments about the Concierge and Hotel Director. Both of which were in “violation of their Code of Customer Conduct”.

I admit that we did express our disappointment to the Hotel Director about how the level of service had declined and how the quality of the food in the dining room had gone down, AND oh by the way, he did not disagree. He simply stated that this was the inevitable result of rising food and fuel costs and declining cruise fares. I admit that I did complain that the concierge never answered when I pushed the concierge button on the phone in my concierge-class stateroom. I later found out that concierge-class staterooms and the concierge are unrelated. I admit that I did say that the Hotel Director was “an ass” AFTER his harassing, intimidating and threatening performance in his office. BUT I do not remember signing away my First Amendment Rights when I boarded the ship.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t complain on Celebrity or you too may be made to walk the plank!!!

Dave 10-07-2011 11:51 AM

Sorry to hear your story.

Just a Constitutional point to note: 1st amendment rights only apply when you are in or on sovereign U.S. territory. They do not apply to a ship at sea, and definitely not one cruising in Europe.

I've also moved this post to the Celebrity section. (Originally posted in Royal Caribbean).

RichC 11-01-2011 12:16 AM

Not that I'm in love with Celebrity but I wonder what the real reason was for discharging them from the ship?

Cruise Fanatic 11-01-2011 04:37 AM

As noted by the OP it was for violating the Code of Conduct of the cruise line. Apparently, for being disruptive to other passengers. I believe there is much to this story than is not being told.

Sonny V 11-01-2011 06:24 AM

Maybe it wasn't so much what was said to the Cruise Director as what was said to other passengers during the cruise. I know that I get somewhat annoyed we I hear people complaining out loud. However, I think a passenger should warned if their conduct is in any violation that constitutes such harsh consequences.

poormom 11-01-2011 12:21 PM

I saw a post almost identical to this on another board where it was also the first post for that cruiser. Forgive me for being a skeptic.
It reminded me of an experience I had...on disembarkation day there was a long line at guest services, and a pax was screaming and swearing at the rep because when he tried to leave the ship he was told his onboard account had a balance. Now we all know it only had a balance because HE purchased something after his cash account had been settled, and owed 5 dollars. The rest of us also wanted to get off the ship, and many of us were muttering that we would pay the money if he would just leave and stop yelling at the innocent rep. not everyone is as calm under pressure as they perceive themselves to be.

Hank 11-16-2011 11:01 PM

We have also seen this same post on another cruise site (and it was also this persons one and only post). On that other site just about everyone was suspicious about the validity of the post. We have spent a lot of time on cruise ships (more then 2 years) and have, indeed, seen some passengers thrown off ships. I do have a few thoughts. We find it interesting that a cruiser who claims he is Elite with X (we ourselves are Elite) has seen fit to only post a single message on at least two different boards. Most folks crusing long enough to get Elite status, and aware of the various cruise boards, would have previously posted something.

We personally know several Hotel Managers and they did not get to that level by mis-treating passengers. Hotel Managers generally take passenger complaints seriously (if they are valid complaints) and no how to ignore whiners and complaints with no merit. A serious violation of the Code of Conduct will almost always get the passenger a face-to-face warning. It is only when warnings are ignored do they consider taking more serious action. Having a "note taker" at a meeting would indicate that the issue had already become a major issue and the staff felt a need to document (in great detail) the warnings and discussion. Most mature folks know when its time to back-off and cut one's loses. This person obviously was unwilling to take a hint.


Cruise Fanatic 11-17-2011 05:59 AM

I tend to think that having a note taker present may be Standard Operating Procedure. Sadly, in this day and age the cruise line have to always be on the defense. Case in point, In June 2010 I went on the Celebrity Infinity in Alaska. On the first day of the cruise before even sailing, a water pipe had broken in one hallway affecting a section of cabins. Par for course, you could hear people complaining and making comments. I anticipated there could be people on that cruise that may participate on this site and I visioned the horror stories.
I asked to talk to the Hotel Manager to get the true scoop of what exactly happened, did any people have to be moved, were they compensated? Upon entering the room to speak to the Hotel Manager there was another person present as a note taker. In my case, I simply wanted to get the facts on the incident in case there were any drive-by posters on this site with inaccurate stories. The Hotel Manager didn't know that though before I walked in the room, but yet there was a note taker. So I tend to think it's SOP, they are preparing for the worst.

Dwayne 11-20-2011 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Sonny V (Post 291347)
Maybe it wasn't so much what was said to the Cruise Director as what was said to other passengers during the cruise. I know that I get somewhat annoyed we I hear people complaining out loud. However, I think a passenger should warned if their conduct is in any violation that constitutes such harsh consequences.

I agree with you Sonny. Some folks are just more expressive than others I guess. I too get annoyed hearing people complaining, especially when I am having a wonderful time. I would think if they were "Elite" they would have known what "Cruise Attitude" was and not annoyed other happy cruisers. Walking the plank though seems a bit harsh.


drlivingston 11-25-2011 04:16 AM

Hank is right... Why would someone not "back-off" when they are clearly in a no-win situation? As Dave said, your first amendment rights are useless on a ship of foreign registry. Pitiably, I would have passed judgment sooner and exiled you guys before the fireworks "extravaganza" ever took place. There is more to this story... Disembarking at one's own expense is a HUGE financial burden. They would not just flippantly start a thread to voice their dissatisfaction. There would be lawsuits. Elite my hind quarters.

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