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kjaooo 02-14-2012 08:46 PM

questions about a transatlantic cruise
ok so ive never done a cruise but im going to be in rome in november, and i saw the day i planned on leaving there a transatlantic cruise leaveing that day. so i have a few question i was hoping you could answer.

1. besides ticket price, how much money do i need for the cruise (i dont drink) 14day cruise.

2. i see they have tours at a few ports but i would prefer to go it alone, do they let you do that? and is there a charge for it?

3. im going alone, lol but they want me to pay double, anyway around that?

4. any idea how the seas are that time a year? (kinda hoping rough at some point) lol

5. do i have to wear a suit or what not at times? or are plain clothes good?

6. do the transatlantic cruises sell out fast or are they empty? if they sell fast how far in advance should i buy?

ty for all your help, my main concern at the moment is how much spending money do i need per day so i can get my travel budget set

kjaooo 02-14-2012 09:12 PM

another question.

i thought the food was included but im seeing you have to pay at some places. how much would i be looking at eating a one of the better dinner places, and how much for lunch places like johnny rockets

Cruise Fanatic 02-15-2012 08:10 AM

kjaooo, You've posted your questions under two different cruise lines so I'm not sure which cruise line you're considering; Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. The food is included in the main dining rooms and the buffet. Speciality restaurants have a surcharge. Johnny Rockets on Royal Caribbean ships is $4.95. This fee was put in place mainly to deter the teenagers from hanging out all day in Johnny Rockets which wouldn't allow others to enjoy the venue. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have many different speciality restaurants to choose from. It depends on which ship you are looking at. Generally speaking the finer dining steak houses and Italian restaurants run about $25/$30pp.

The cruise lines almost always charge double for single cruisers. Norwegian Epic and Cunard have some single cabins. You will set up an account onboard using a credit card and anything you purchase onboard will be applied to that account. Recommended gratuities are about $12.00 per day and that will cover your waiters, assistant waiters, cabin steward, and Head waiter. If you order room service you would want to tip them a few dollars. You actually can get by without spending much at all if you don't drink alcohol or gamble. Soda is about $2 a can plus 15% gratuity. Other non alcoholic drinks coffee/tea/milk/juices are complimentary at meals and they also will have a 24hour coffee/tea/hot chocolate station located on the ship usually up on Lido. Royal Caribbean larger ships have it located on the Royal Promenade.

Dress code will depend again on which cruise line you choose. Celebrity is a Premium cruise line, Royal Caribbean is a main stream cruise line. Slacks are required at dinner, no shorts. Most nights nice slacks and collared shirt would be fine. On the designated formal nights you will see a variety of dress from very formal on Celebrity to suit and tie. You won't be turned away if you show up in dress slacks and collared shirt w/tie. Or for that matter even without the tie.

You may run into some rough waters in November. The ships can handle it pretty well. The Transatlantic cruises are popular and very well may sell out.

You can do ports on your own. However; you will need to be well aware of the time you need to be back onboard and the consequences if you miss the ship.

kjaooo 02-15-2012 09:12 AM

ty and i posted twice cause i saw they both offer ta cruises pretty close to each other and wasnt sure if the answers would be diffrent depending on the company

kjaooo 02-15-2012 06:08 PM

i just notice on a deal site that they have a 24hr sale on the same cruise just this spring instead of nov when im going, there doing 52% off, so can any one tell me if sales like this are common and do you think its likely they will do something similar for the fall crossing. as a lone traveler this kinda deal would really help me since im forced to pay double

Cruise Fanatic 02-15-2012 11:35 PM

Most of those sites that say they are 52%, 75%, etc. are advertising that amount off the full brochure rate. No one pays full brochure rate. It is a marketing ploy to make you think they are offering some special deal. You will find the same prices they have through other sites and can book the same with a travel agent. In fact; a travel agent may actually have the best price with a blocked group or through consortia's they belong to. I see 14day Transatlantic crossings in November for as little as $77.50 a day for a single person. That is an excellent price. Where else could you find a hotel and all meals, and entertainment for that? If you are serious about this you should find a cruise oriented travel agent in your area and get it booked.

kjaooo 02-16-2012 12:02 AM

Ty for all your help am definitely doing it, i just wanted to have some basic info before going to an agent to book. didn't want to be taken advantage of or look to stupid lol

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