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jbow 03-27-2009 01:15 PM

The wife and I selected Celebrity for our latest cruise. This proved to be a mistake. We met the Millennium in Sydney, AU at great expense, for a 14 night cruise. Our deluxe ocean view cabin turned out to be about 20 feet from the forward crew quarters, and the room and access corridor reeked of dense cigarette smoke. Also, power outlets in the room didn't work and the couch was stained and cigarette burned. To their credit, Customer Service relocated us to a decent stateroom, but not before my wife developed a severe sinus aggravation due to the smoke in the original cabin. That, coupled with less than acceptable food (so cold it would never pass health standards in the States), resulted in her checking in with the Medical Department - which in turn resulted in both of us being put in isolation. For her 48 and my 24 hours (just for being in the same stateroom with her)of isolation, we received a $258 future cruise credit, which is 82% of what we paid for that portion of the cruise. I contacted them to understand how they felt this was fair, but they responded that they feel this is a fair settlement.

A recommendation - make sure you are really, really sick before you notify on-board Medical. Better yet, carry plenty of Imodium. As for us, we've made our last trip on Celebrity.

penny3333 03-27-2009 01:49 PM

Hi jbow, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry to hear about your problems, but at least they did try to correct the problems. Sorry that they didn't do what you thought was fair. I do hope that you enjoyed your ports of call and the rest of the ship. Don't give up on cruising, this is not normal for Celebrity or any other cruise line that we've been on. Best wishes for a better cruise in the future, and once again, welcome aboard. We hope your future posts will be of better cruises.

KL Smith 03-29-2009 11:07 AM


Sorry to hear about the issues you experienced.

We were on the Millenium on the Feb 1 - 15th cruise from Sydney to Auckland and I have to say that while I would never call it a bad cruise, it was definately not the Celebrity experience we have had in years past.

The Millenium is greatly in need of an interior refit. There is wear and tear everywhere. From torn and patched carpeted in public areas to broken door closers, the ship is showing its age indeed.

To their credit however, the crew was excellent in every way.

Will we sail on Celebrity again? Probably, but again, it is not the Celebrity we had come to know 10 years ago.

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