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janfred 06-17-2013 02:54 PM

Review from Celebrity Summit
I have been on the Summit a few years ago but not since Celebrity Summit went thru it's Solsticizing. I had read some reviews and was surprised that some were so negative. I found the ship to be beautiful. Beautiful leather chairs everywhere on Deck 5 near Cellar Masters and Bistro on Five. The carpets were also beautiful. Up in the Revelations Lounge it was stunning. Perhaps it was because it was all done in my favorite color! So relaxing up there with all the glass looking out over the sea. Someone complain about having a cracked tile in their bathroom and I did too but I have one in my kitchen so I really didn't care about that! Complaints about carpet having water stains near the pool (really) who cares it is by the pool. Carpets were new all over the ship in in the cabins.
Service was wonderful and everyone was so friendly and nice. I did however find some of the passengers so darn impatient, it was ridiculous. A table mate opened his own bottle of wine because he could not wait 2 min for the sommelier to do it. He had his own cork screw in his pocket. I was waiting for more salad on the first day to be brought out and a lady had a fit because they ran out and had to go get more she did not want to wait for 2 min and said, "they sure took my money fast". Poor Crew, I know sometimes it must be hard to smile. We had dinner in Qzine and it was as fantastic as the last 2 times I went there on the Silhouette, so much fun and de-lish! Bistro on Five was also excellent. We had early dinner in the Main Restaurant and I found the food to be excellent. I had the most tender melt in mouth fillet...mmm. No escargot but they used the same cute dish and did small mushroom caps stuffed with crab meat and a wonderful sauce. I loved them, so I did not miss the escargot really. I had breakfast in the Normandy for Elite Member every morning but did manage to go upstairs to get those fantastic waffles ! We did not go to shows we chose to do some night excursions in Bermuda. I found they had lots to do on board and of course you can't do them all. I tried the Perisian Garden for the first time and it was so relaxing. They have 3 different saunas. One was herbal steam, one was a dry heat and the third was a Turkish steam. All the tile lounges were heated and the showers to cool off had different settings like Tropical Rain or Victoria Falls. That was very nice, the one staff member I delt with could have been nicer. One crew member that was not very helpful. I just love Bermuda and Celebrity ! Crabby passengers should stay home...why do they cruise? One table mate said he never goes to the Grand Buffet because that is when they are getting rid of all the leftovers on the ship to restock for the next cruise and they just are cleaning out the fridge.....really was as always unbelievable and so much hard work for the crew. Loved it all. Thank you Celebrity for another wonderful, relaxing and weight gaining cruise !!
Next we will see how NCL Breakaway does to Bermuda :OD

billybuzzy 06-17-2013 05:07 PM

janfred...Another well done and well written review, Your tales of Celebrity and fine dining have My mouth watering (why do I feel the need for munchies right Now?) Oh
Well......Bermuda is once again on tap for next Fall!!!! Sigh...No cruises till Dec. for Us......but then....there will be a hop across the pond this Fall......the Ring of Kerry awaits!!! Not every adventure need be a cruise for Us!!!


Sonny V 06-17-2013 11:55 PM

My only complaint about cruising is the people complaining. I know how you feel wondering why people pay all that money to complain about trivial things. A cracked tile? Give me a break (no pun intended). I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the Ship and food. Some day I would like to try sailing on a Celebrity ship.

janfred 06-18-2013 05:17 AM

Do your points carry over to Celebrity? I know when RCCL took over Celebrity they made me a Diamond and I really want to try RCCL. I was going to go to Bermuda out of Baltimore on the Enchantment but when I found out my husband could not go and I was going with my friend I was told she could not go to the cocktail event each night and I didn't want that. Not sure if RCCL does the private breakfast for Diamond but I really like going to the breakfast on Celebrity everyday. Love those cappucinos ! Some people up in the Elite Event had so many versions of what you can and can't do on RCCL if you bring a guest. Some said Diamond only are allowed wine and beer, some said they did take a guest with them and others were saying their guest only paid for their drinks on the first night. Seems like a lot of confusion. I wanted my friend to enjoy being up in the Revalations Lounge each night before dinner, it was very nice. I thinking RCCL must be more lively than Celebrity. I would think the food would be the same. I will get onboard one day soon :OD

Dave 06-18-2013 07:38 AM

Points don't carry over between the brands owned by RCCL but you get equivalent status. The thing is Celebrity doesn't have as many tiers as RCI so once you reach Elite you get Diamond status with RCI but nothing higher (not Diamond plus or Pinnacle). And on the other side, those in RCI's top three levels all get put in the Elite status with Celebrity. And, if you are a Diamond or above, or Elite member, you also get Discoverer level in Le Club Voyage with Azamara Club Cruises.

janfred 06-18-2013 10:48 AM

Thanks Dave,
Sure would like to give Azamara a try. Looks like it would be wonderful too.

Dave 06-18-2013 11:21 AM

I want to try Azamara too. The former 'R' ships have always been popular.

jack2007 08-07-2013 01:55 PM

Thanks for the review "janfred", I am sailing on the Summit on sunday ( 11th aug )
Just wondering what your evening excursions were....did you book something onboard or did you make your own arrangements ? I heard that font street has a live music evening once a week...did you hear anything about that ?

With the breakaway also in port what was it like for getting buses to get around...was there a long wait to get a bus or did you get a taxi ?

Did you have a swim in the pool on one of the pools is heated.

Really looking forward to visiting Bermuda again...last went about 20yrs ago

Sandy 08-07-2013 02:03 PM

Thanks for the great review, Janfred. Sounds like you had a great time despite the complainers on the ship. Those folks always find something to complain about.

Azamara does a wonderful job.

janfred 08-07-2013 04:27 PM

Hi Jack2007
You will be docked in the Royal Naval Dockyard, so that means you can just step off the ship and walk to a lot of activities. The Ferry is right there in front of the Ship. I did not feel the crowd of the Breakaway. I did only book from the Ship, which was just a transfer to Horse Shoe Bay and the Street Festival you mention that takes place on Weds nights. You could do that one easy by just taking the Ferry to Hamilton, no real need to do that from the ship. I have been there 5 times so I did not book many excursions. Snorkel Park is just a 5 min walk from the ship so I wouldn't book an excursion to that either, just go over and pay $5 to enter and than you can pay for a chair or umbrella etc. The information office is right in front of the ship if you wish to purchase a Ferry & Bus pass. You will enjoy the Summit and if you like to have fun at dinner I would suggest going to Qzine. I have done that 3 times on Celebrity and always love it! I am going back on Sept 29th but this time on the Breakaway ! Snorkel Park also does a night time party with entertainment, I will do this next time sounds like fun. I hope this is helpful to you but please ask me anything I may have left out. I have done a lot of excursions in the past and this next time I will do the Wildcat boat trip around the entire Island with a nice stop in St George for walking around and shopping etc. Sandy you are right about complainers, never did understand them LOL Oh, I almost forgot, I did swim in the pool I think the one that is heated in the one that is indoors. I only used the one outside, it was wonderful and so was the hot tub !!
Have a most waonderful time ! I love the Summit and have been on her 2 times.

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