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Dave 11-25-2013 08:37 AM

Celebrity Announces Changes To Captain's Club
Two new tiers have been added to the Captain's Club, plus the way points are earned has changed. Read more here.

janfred 11-25-2013 09:18 AM

OMG Thank you Dave
I have been dying to find out what they were going to do. I am so close to the next level of Elite+ I just need to book a short cruise !! I need all day cappuccino's LOL. Love 200 min of internet for each of us. Who couldn't use 2 bags of laundry free when on a longer cruise. Very Nice !!

Dave 11-25-2013 10:46 AM

Apparently they are still giving reciprocal membership to C&A members, but only up to Elite level. I have 150 points under their new plan and am still Elite, but Elite starts at 300 points. Thus, if someone is Diamond Plus or Pinnacle Club they shouldn't expect to get Elite Plus or Zenith level unless they earn it through Celebrity.

This makes sense and aligns to what RCI does for Captain's Club members. So I'd expect that a Zenith member would still only get Diamond privileges on RCI. That is reasonable for both lines.

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