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janfred 02-17-2009 12:35 PM

We are back from the Solstice, sailed on Feb 8th. We arrived by car at 10:30am and walked right in to the lounge area for CC members. They let us board at 11:30am, we went up to our room and unpacked, we booked Aqua Class, very nice room, I loved the bathroom with the rounded shower with glass doors more room to move around and dry off. I also enjoyed the long glass cabinet to put makeup etc. I have to say the bath towels were wonderful.and thick. Others mentioned less closet space, that was my impression too, but we did have the overhead space and drawers for items that didn't need hanging. The bed was also very comfortable, the long leather couch was nice for watching TV, which was a flat screen TV that pulled out and turned for TV viewing in bed, nice touch! The verandah was great, we had a room on the 11th floor where it bumped out so our deck was much larger. I loved the new reclining chairs and ottoman out on the deck very nice. We were assigned to the Blu restaurant the first nice we had the most fantastic filet mignon, melt in your mouth. We also had dinner in the Tuscan Grill, this was also so incredible, the staff was wonderful. We loved Bistro on 5 for breakfast crepes, nice change. We also went to Epernay Dinning room 1 evening and that also was very good. We did Valentines in the French restaurant Murano, wow again! The staff was again fantastic and food to die for, once again. We loved the openness of the ship with the Library and game room. The bars were all so very nice, loved the Martin Bar with the bar it self being frosted and cold! The Aqua Class Relaxation Room was facing the front of the ship with about 10 or so wicker beds to read of just look out at the sea, very quiet and relaxing. I loved all the neat wicker bed type lounges all over the ship and lots of hiding spots with just 2 chairs~. I only had a problem with 2 areas and that was the pool area we could not on 2 sea days find a chair that someone had saved with towels or books or whatever and I didn't have the patience to watch a chair for 30 min to see if I could move the stuff and take it. It was like that on all the floors, people just getting a chair for the day and leaving and saving it for later. The 2nd was the buffet was very very good but with the new lay out people would always be confused (I Guess) and not no which end to start from so it was always a mess with people going the wrong way or just jumping right in. The shows were also fantastic, best I have seen on Celebrity, I think the reason people had to stand was late- dinner late show and they may have gone to the early one! Not sure it never seemed crowed until you went near the pool.....that was awful! Well, we hated to get off and loved the Solstice, we'll take her to Eastern Med, next year or Equinox. The lawn club was neat and we watch people playing Bocce Ball and people enjoying their Golf etc. The Staff, Ship and food WOW, loved it all

penny3333 02-17-2009 12:58 PM

Sounds fantastic! I'm ready to go now. Only 10 more months Maybe I'll have time to lose a few pounds before indulging in the cuisine. Did they have a specialty desert? Like the chocolate melting cake? For a 7 day, I won't need much closet space. My hubby is a different story. He changes outfits more often than any woman I've ever known Thank you so much for a wonderful review!

janfred 02-17-2009 01:06 PM

For me, I just adore Creme Brulee and I tried it all the time in about 6 different flavors! They had so many fancy deserts I wished I could remember thier names! I forgot to mention the presentation of the dishes was so darn awsome!

penny3333 02-18-2009 06:35 AM

Creme Brulee, yum! I guess I'll have to try one of each. Of course, I'll need to try one of each at the ice bar, too. I sure need a cruise fix.

BobSabresFan 02-21-2009 05:48 PM

Thank you for taking the time to post your review. We are planning on the Equinox cruise on Sept. 13 and heard that it should be close to the Solstice ship. We appreciate the information.
We are looking for information on Israel and Egypt excursions; as we have never been before. If anyone can help with the best places to visit it would be helpful.
Thanks kindly.

janfred 02-21-2009 06:37 PM

Hi BobSabresFan.
I do know from asking on board that the Equinox is the exact same ship but with different decor. We too are interested in the Eastern Med, but we are not sure yet which one to take, I want to see Istanbal first (Solstice) I guess and maybe Alexandria second (Equinox). It is so hard when you really want to see it all!! Which ever one it will be Wonderful

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