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Dave 01-08-2010 01:27 PM

Celebrity has announced plans to upgrade the four "Millie" class ships to add several features from the Solstice-class. Perhaps more notable, the cruise line says they plan to return the cuisine to it's storied level of excellence. Read more HERE

Cruise Fanatic 01-08-2010 01:53 PM

I hate to see the Cova Cafe disappear.

vietvet 01-08-2010 02:52 PM

That is good to hear. X needs to go back to it's roots. That is the premium cruise line that it once was. Viet

Bob1958 02-01-2010 06:27 AM

Speaking of the Millennium, we're looking at a cruise on this ship for Feb., 2011. We've only been on Princess and love that line, but the itinerary we want is on this Celebrity cruise. I've read some recent reviews of the Millennnium and the food ratings of late are fair to poor, which worries me. I did read the article linked above but I'm a little skeptical about it right now. We're not picky eaters but we don't want average food and long waiting times at dinner. Can anyone who's been on this boat share some recent experiences?

vietvet 02-01-2010 04:31 PM

Bob I can tell you that X is not the same cruise line it was 15-20 years ago. The last couple times we sailed with them the food was poor quality, the service in the dinning room and the cabin was average or below.They do not maintain thier ships . I won't say never but everytime I look at going back again I talk myself out of it.

Cruise Fanatic 02-01-2010 09:51 PM

I'm sorry Vietvet, I have to respectively disagree. I've been on several Celebrity ships since you were last on them. I guess everyone judges things differently because I was on the Celebrity Century before and after it's 55 million refurbishment. I enjoyed the Century even before they put the 55 million into her. I've never had a problem with the food or maintenance on any of their ships.

moonie 02-02-2010 03:09 AM

We just returned from a 14 day cruise on the Celebrity Constellation, and I must say that she is in GREAT shape (even with refurbishment coming in April, 2010) and I have never experienced a better crew. They were constantly trying to please, and did so effortlessly. The dining room staff was EXCELLENT. This was my 3rd Celebrity cruise, and they continue to impress each and every time. To each his own, I guess?

Bob1958 02-02-2010 05:19 AM

I appreciate the replies, and after reading about 100 reviews I can say that it's consistently inconsistent as well. Some late 2009 cruisers have rated the Millenium food just above Purina, others have said it's just fine. Fortunately we have about 6 months to make up our minds about it and I'll keep watching the reviews come in. Hopefully whatever problems they may be having get corrected.

SailMeAway 03-27-2010 04:31 PM

We just booked our 1st Celebrity cruise on the millenium out of San juan 2/4/2011. I will have to trust they figure it out as well!

Cruise Fanatic 05-11-2010 07:57 PM

The Constellation has completed her 15-day drydock and has been "Solsticized". Here

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