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patb 02-17-2009 09:58 AM

Celebrity's Solstice is one beautiful ship, HOWEVER, the company boasts that women were instrumental in the design process for its staterooms. It's hard to believe that any woman would have been happy with the amount of closet space allotted. We cruised 2/8/09 and stayed in a Concierge Class cabin. The closet was so small that our hanging clothes were crushed; our formal wear required pressing before it could be worn. The vanity space was also inadequate. This was our 12th cruise (fourth with Celebrity), so we have a lot to compare against this cabin.
On the bright side, though, the Hot Glass Show (glassblowing demonstration) put on by the folks from Corning Class Works was superb! We saw the show on the first full day (Monday) and went back for almost every show thereafter. The process was fascinating, and the presenters were professional, entertaining and very informative. The only bad part: once word got around the ship about this excellent presentation, the crowds grew and there wasn't enough seating for everyone. Our suggestion: GET RID OF THE "LAWN" (yes, it's a novelty, but a real waste of space, and not very ecologically minded as well, as it appears the "lawn" has to be replaced frequently, it seems to take a lot of water and maintenance to keep it looking decent, and it really serves no purpose---passengers are not allowed to put deck chairs, blankets or towels on it, so what's the attraction?) There's a putting green on the port side and another small area on the starboard side which could be utilized for bocce ball, so the "lawn" really isn't necessary. Instead, the space allocated to the Hot Glass Show could be increased to give the demonstrators more room to work and add a LOT more seating, possibly a bleacher-type system so that folks in the back row get as wonderful a view as those in the front!

Sandy 02-17-2009 10:07 AM

Hi patb and welcome to Cruise-Chat.

I agree about the surprisingly minimal amount of closet space in Solstice. It's a beautiful ship but we also found it hard to believe that women designed the cabins. If all the women did was suggest the foot bar in the shower, they needed to look at the space a little better.

We found too that the lawn, while a novelty, wasn't a big deal. While I didn't actually witness anyone having a picnic or playing bocce ball, if that's something that passengers really like to do while on a ship, I can see the lawn's value. But expanding the seating for the glass show sounds like a better use of space to me, too...


penny3333 02-17-2009 10:35 AM

Hi patb, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Thank you for your review of the Solstice. I'm still excited about sailing her. Thank you for the heads up on the closet, I'll tell my hubby not to pack like he usually does.

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