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andreasd 03-07-2010 09:36 AM

I just created a new album of Celebrity Eclipse from today afternoon. This is the direct link:
... and in five days she will leave Papenburg.
Have a nice Sunday

penny3333 03-08-2010 10:31 AM

Great photos as usual Looks just like the Solstice.

andreasd 03-11-2010 10:12 AM

in the morning Celebrity Eclipse left Papenburg and is just now on her way on the river Ems. I had the chance to make many photos and I am sure you will enjoy them.
Here is the shortest way to the photos:
Celebrity Eclipse

penny3333 03-11-2010 11:08 AM

Golly, it never ceases to amaze me how these huge ships navigate such tiny channels. Thank you, again!

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