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LisaP 05-01-2010 06:24 AM

I had this thought while cruising Norwegian Jade recently. Parts of the ship reminded me of liners past. For example, the main dining room (one level, by the way) is accessed directly from one of the stairtowers, after which another staircase, this time a bit more grand, is descended. The artwork in the dining room is supposedly a tribute to the Matson Line by using its menu covers as inspiration for the large pieces of artwork that line the walls.

Norwegian Jade, as all of NCL's Jewel class ships, also has a private outdoor area for guests in its Villa Suite accommodations. It sits in the center of the deck, surrounded by the suites. It reminded me of photos I've seen of Patio Provencale on SS France.

Any other examples anyone would care to share?

poormom 05-01-2010 12:42 PM

It seems only fair to acknowledge the classic, understated lines of the Disney ships. It's probably not a line I'll ever sail on, and I've heard the mouse ears are eveywhere, but from the outside, they are truly beautiful.

f-mattox 05-01-2010 01:33 PM

I would completely agree with that. I also like Queen Victoria. I'm not in love with Queen Mary 2--kind of boxy to my eye.

Dave 05-01-2010 03:30 PM

The Celebrity Millennium has original paneling from the RMS Olympic in the Olympic restaurant. The Infinity has the SS United States restaurant.

penny3333 05-06-2010 06:46 AM

The Royal Princess kind of reminded me of old time ships. Probably because of the size, but the decor was very dark. Dark woods, deep dark colors, and not a huge atrium/promenade area.

The Holiday reminded me of the Jubilee, but they really weren't old timey ships. The first ship I sailed on was the Costa Daphne. You had to step up to get into your cabin. It had sort of rounded doors with about a 6" lip (don't know what you'd really call it) from the floor. There was only 1 small pool, 1 dining room. I'm sure there was a buffet, but I don't remember it. There was a tiny casino with slots, don't remember any tables at all, but there could have been. I don't remember any balconies at all. I do remember being able to walk around the ship on the promenade deck, but that could have been on another ship. That was way, way, way too many years ago

f-mattox 05-06-2010 01:38 PM

Penny, you have pretty much described the original "Love Boats;" no balconies in any cabin; no buffet--just an occasional "Midnight" buffet in the dining room and luuch buffet on deck; they did have two small pools but only one dining room--no alternative restaurants--not even burgers or pizza by the pool; tiny casino with maybe 30 slots-that's all; one small botique; tiny gym with a set of weights and a couple of slant boards; movies were shown on 16mm film, which always kept breaking; Princess Patter was printed on an actual printing press; photo lab had darkrooms; on and on. But I have never enjoyed cruising more!

But what's interesting is that the basic layout and design is pretty much the same today as it was then.

Berick1234 05-10-2010 09:08 PM

I'm going from the Oasis (which was wonderful) to the older and much smaller Statendam...I've never cruised on Holland America but I'm really looking for a more layed back, classic type cruise.....Happy Cruising to us all....

Bob E

f-mattox 05-10-2010 11:02 PM


I'm really looking for a more layed back, classic type cruise.....
I've only had one cruise on Holland America, but that is exactly the way I would describe it. I can't wait to do another.

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