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Old 06-17-2014, 09:57 AM
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Default Building Nearly Identical Sister Ships?
In another thread, now closed, Redlinekid2 asked the question, "Does anyone else have a dream to see a near identical twin of their favorite ship get built?"

What a valid question I think this is for, perhaps, many of us who are fans of the classic ocean liner. On the internet I’ve seen more than a few examples and concepts where people have speculated, and even planned, for the construction of a nearly identical Titanic … almost always called Titanic II or Titanic 2.

I must admit that I find the idea of a modernized recreation of Titanic, or any other past vessel, holds a certain charm or spark to the imagination. I believe all of us who’re fans of the great classic liners would love to see one or more of the liners we’ve loved and admired over the years reborn in some fashion, whether it’s a completely new build, or the full restoration of a still-existing liner like the United States.

Of course, while we know realistically that the odds against any of our dream vessels actually being built are astronomical, it’s still great fun to titillate the imagination and speculate what they would be like and share ideas about them.

That being said, I’ve sort of had my own “dream” when it comes to a beloved ship or two. There are two vessels that, at a very early age in my life, impressed me deeply and they’ve had a life-long impact on me. They are RMS Titanic and SS France. I’ve never been able to get enough of either of them and they both strike my personal tastes as the two most beautiful ships ever made. Though there are many other liners I’ve really loved and respected the design and appearance of, those two have always been and remain my favorites.

My own dream has never been to see a recreation or exact duplicate of either one, but a vessel that is a marriage of the two … one that has their classic beauty, but breathes the spirit of each. I’m 59 years old now, but as far back as the age of 15, I began drawing my ideas as to how I envisioned such a vessel to look.

Until 2004 when QM2 appeared, I had never imagined any liner would ever exceed France’s 1,035 foot length. So, back in the day, when I began thinking of this new ship idea, I envisioned her to be 1,050 feet in length which, at 15 feet longer than France, would make her the longest passenger carrying vessel. She would be 112 feet wide and, roughly guessing, her gross tonnage would be somewhere in the nature of 79,000.

Her bow would begin with Titanic's almost vertical stem and immediately merge into France's graceful hull design with a clean sweep to her sheer, then terminate with Titanic's old fashioned but graceful counter stern design. Her superstructure would ascend in France's graceful manner and peak with a Titanic styled A Deck and Boat Deck. The bow facade of the superstructure is a mixture of Titanic/France styling (which some might find beautiful, others interesting, and still others hideous by mixing the two styles). Crowning the vessel would be Titanic's four huge Edwardian funnels.

When the Space Needle was built in 1961 and I saw its 360-degree restaurant, I was immediately inspired (even as a 7-year old) to think of a ship’s bridgehouse in a glass-enclosed 360-degree view design like that, so in 1969 at the age of 15 (when I first started doodling with sketches of my ship idea) my drawings of the new ship always included the radical flair of a bridgehouse like that. For my envisioned ship, the huge Titanic styled foremast would rise from a lower piece designed like France's distinctive mast/tower – and, the aft mast would be embraced by a smaller version of the same France-like mast/tower. For years I never tired of creating drawings and always wondering what anyone would think of such a vessel. As far as her name, there was only one that ever came to my mind … Spirit of Titanic ... while she would be a blending of Titanic/France styling, her essence would “breathe the spirit” of the late great Titanic ocean liner at every turn, so I felt the name to be appropriate.

Over the years I would toy a bit with my design ideas, but always returned to the way it “felt right” to me. Only a few times have I ever tried to show anyone my drawings and I was usually met with remarks in the nature of “Who cares about some musty old passenger ship idea? This is the jet age.” I did once show my design drawings to a Puget Sound Naval Shipyard architect who felt they were very interesting, nicely done and thought out, but he was quick to tell me not to get too involved in this dream ship of mine because “the idea of a ship like that would never sell”.

In time, SS France eventually became SS Norway and, in 1998, I sailed on her. While I was, at first, a little skeptical of the two added decks which made her look a little top heavy to me, I was thoroughly impressed with the attractive after deck extension and, after our cruise, I lost no time in adding that sort of thing to my design drawings. Somehow, for me, with the after deck extension added into the mix, the design idea carried the flavoring of Titanic/France/Norway, all three, and made the design concept feel complete.

I finally got to where I scanned my drawings and began to use Photoshop to add color and texture to try to bring my illustration to life … using elements of Titanic and France graphics that I’ve found and the “paste into” feature, I finally got the scanned image of my drawings to portray a pretty good likeness of this vessel I have imagined for so long.

Here’s an image of her … I know she’ll never exist as more than an idea, but she’s been a fun idea for me to toss around over the years.

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Old 10-26-2014, 11:47 PM
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Smile My design idea revised ...
This is just a fun speculation and revision on my earlier design idea for Spirit of Titanic.

Within the last few weeks I had a couple of extremely vivid dreams about that ship idea of mine. The difference this time is that when I awoke, I retained the full image and design of it in my mind's eye, rather than having to struggle to remember more than vague images of it as the dream faded away.

I immediately went to the drawing boards to illustrate it. Like always in the past, a vessel with a marriage of both Titanic and France styling, but leaning so much moire heavily toward Titanic flavoring in design. A vessel of 1,517 feet in length (one foot of ship for each of the 1,517 souls who perished on Titanic in remembrance of them). With masts & funnels appropriately enlarged, for the sake of side profile proportions, and C & D Deck windows enlarged floor-to-ceiling style (to give her a more "normal-ship-size" appearance when seen from a distance, masquerading her huge size a bit), I'm finally happy with her design.

Perhaps because I was enthused about having finally illustrated her the way I'd always seen her in the back of my mind, I dreamed yet another vivid dream in which she were joined by two more even larger vessels; ships of 1,675 feet in length and named Megatanic and Supertanic. I illustrated that design as well while it was still fresh in my mind.

These are, of course, fictional ships of fantasy and will never exist, but I've had great fun and pleasure designing and illustrating them. For the fun of it, here they are, Spirit of Titanic and Megatanic compared with RMS Titanic.

I'm not sure how this image uploading goes, so I've attached the image and am hoping it isn't too small to see detail in it. In another thread, now closed, Redlinekid2 had asked the question, "Does anyone else have a dream to see a near identical twin of their favorite ship get built?" I don't know if anyone else shares that dream, but I've always had one and the illustration shows, for fun, what my "dream vessels" would be. Hope You like them.

By the way, if the attached thumbnail proves too small, here is a URL to the same picture on my Facebook page ... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...type=1&theater

The image may show up larger for you there.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg compare three ships 3.jpg (79.4 KB, 13 views)

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Old 10-30-2014, 03:33 AM
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My personal favorite near identical ship is based upon the designs on:

SS France

TS Michelangelo


And the modern amenities that would make for a good hotel ship on a 5-Star level like the SS Rotterdam.
Dan Lague

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Old 11-03-2014, 12:52 PM
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Beautiful choices, Redlinekid2. Especially, SS France. She (as both France and then Norway) has always been my favorite ship right behind Titanic.

In my design idea, I tried to include just a little bit of France styling mixed in with the heavy Titanic flavoring. Don't know how noticeable the France influence shows up, though ... the design ended up leaning mostly toward a Titanic-like direction.
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