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1rollerboy 07-05-2008 04:27 PM

We will be cruising on Carnival Freedom next Oct. We booked way in advance to get an accessible room with a balcony. We were told on the phone there are no ramps provided to get over the 4" barrier between room and balcony!!! My husband cannot stand or take any steps at all. They said we could make some and bring them along. We have previously cruised with RCI and Princess in such a room which included ramps. Has anyone encountered such a situation? Is this a Carnival thing? Anyone know how to reach someone higher up than you can get with their 800 number?

TrvlPro 07-05-2008 04:49 PM

You can't really get to anyone higher up by phone. You may want to write them, it gets seen that way by other than someone at a phone center. Another suggestion is to call again and ask the same question. Many times you'll get different responses depending on who you speak with and how long they've been there. I don't know if such ramps are available or not but I would imagine there is something they can do to accommodate you if you get to the right person. Also ask if they can give you an email address to the Special Needs Dept. You can't speak with them but you can write them. There is a form they send for special needs that details the sircumstances and any requests, that's what you want your hands on.

Cheers, Neil

Dave 07-05-2008 06:36 PM

I really can't recall ever seeing the base of the door to the balcony being 4 inches tall. At most all I've ever seen is an inch or so. And I am talking about Carnival ships as well as the other lines.

Dwayne 07-06-2008 04:13 AM

Hi 1rollerboy, I welcomed you with your first post, and checked this section and found you already here. I haven't stayed in a modified balcony before, so I don't know.

The Guest Access Services Dept. number is:

1-800-438-6744 extension 70025

The email address is:

Here is a link to a printable accessible route brochure for the Carnival Freedom as well for you.

Good luck with this,


Dave 07-06-2008 06:50 AM

Is the cabin in question a handicapped access cabin? Given the Freedom is so new, I'd assume the balcony would accommodate someone who couldn't stand or walk out on it.

Jim C. 07-08-2008 07:38 AM

I'd also ask what the width of the doorway is. I'm not sure if they are wide enough to get a wheelchair through even if you had ramps. Again, if it was an acessible cabin, then you think it would be, but you need to know for sure.

1rollerboy 07-15-2008 04:03 PM

Thanks for the replies and helpful info. Yes, its designated as an accessible room with balcony. That's why I'm so astonished that the ramps are not automatically included.
I'm not sure if I'm acknowledging your help in the correct manner and/or place, but thanks, again.

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