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alison501 02-22-2006 01:01 AM

Hi can anyone help my sister & i are going on our first cruise & she is in a wheelchair. Has anyone got any experience or tips that you can give us as it isn't always easy with the wheelchair.
Many thanks

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hester 02-23-2006 08:48 AM

Hi Alison, i was on the caribbean princess in janurary and i am also in a wheelchair and no problems, i would suggest a handicapped room.
What cruise line are you using, i found the princess lines wonderful and helpful.
Good luck Hester.

alison501 02-25-2006 02:51 AM

Thanks Hester we are traveling on the Princess lines Star Princess for my sisters 60th birthday. We do travel quite alot to Tenerife, Rome and New York and never have any problems but this will be our first cruise and we are really looking forward to it. Did you have any problems at the different ports trasfering on to the launch and also do you have any more hints please?
Many thanks
Alison & Helen

hester 02-25-2006 12:44 PM


Hi Allison, i am sixty three so not far from your sisters age so i would feel her concerns and fears!!
you will love cruising it seems the way to go if you are handicapped, as everything is on the ship for you and some.
We were able to get off as they help you on to the tenders, actually lift your wheelchairs is your sister able to walk some if not you should look into what the ship has to offers for handicapped people!
I will be glad to answer you questions if i can.
I have M.S. so pretty much confined to my chair.
which islands are going to?
Any questions just ask. Hester

alison501 02-28-2006 12:18 AM

Hi Hester,
Thanks for the E-mail i am sorry it has taken so long to reply i could not access my mail (very old computer)
Sorry that you have M.S. my sister has a chronic spinal complaint and is mostly bedriden, she can only take a few steps.
We are going on the Western Caribbean cruise going to Jamaica, Cozumel, Princess Cays and Grand Cayman.
Her main concern is how do you board the ship as she is a large lady? Also are there sesignated areas in the dinning room for wheelchairs? Have you been on a Princess Cruise?
Another question sorry are you from the U.S. we live in Wales and we have a different package to the American package?
Thanks for listening
Take care

hester 02-28-2006 10:17 AM

hi alison, i just came back from a princess cruise a few weeks ago (caribbean princess)
and it was wonderful.
i suggest when you get to the ship get someone immediatly to help you and you will have someone with you until you arrive in your stateroom! also you will be first on the ship!
no stress, let someone else do the work, they will wheel your sister on with no problems
The dining room you will have a choice whether to stay in you chair or get out of it and they will store your chair at the side!
Have you a handicapped room?
I am in Canada so the travelling would be shorter.
As i think of others things i will let you know. Hester.

alison501 03-01-2006 10:55 AM

Hi Hester,
Thanks for the advice i really appreciate it, yes we do have a disabled room.
I am very pleased to know that you had a good cruise with the Princess lines. It is always good to know someone who has experienced it first hand.
I would also appreciate any more tips that you have.
Until then Helen and i send our best wishes to you.
Thanks again

hester 03-02-2006 11:27 AM

Hi Alison, did you know they have a drink card that you can buy for around twenty five dollers
canadian, unlimited soft drinks (coke 7 up etc)
pretty good deal as the soft drinks are not cheap and if you drink alot of fluids this is good.
Also you can take wine aboard for your cabin if you like a class of wine before dinner again the drinks are up there in price
Buffet breakfast is great, we had our breakfast served in our room as i like my coffee first thing!
If i think of anything else i will let you know. when do you leave, i will be away for five weeks starting march 4th.
What ship are you on. take care. hester

Alisa726 03-03-2006 08:41 AM

Hi. I'm 26 and was seriously injured while on the cruise (not at all the cruise's fault) Caribbean Princess ship. Being not used to a wheelchair, I was still very happy to continue my cruise. They helped so much. Some ports they had ramps to get us off the ship and others I had to get into a robot chair that took me down (laid me on my back and slowly lowered me). The halls are tight where the rooms are but you can get through the best for us was being close to the elevators so we didn't have to go far down the tight halls- just right out to open area. I was happy with the help in getting off at the ports and then also at the end of the cruise (helping with bags, etc.)

alison501 03-03-2006 09:40 AM

Hi Hester, thanks again for the information a drinks card sounds great.
We are traveling on the Star Princess and wait for it not until April 2007, believe it or not we were only offered the choice of 2 rooms for the disabled so i think that we were lucky to get in. The cruise will include Helens 60th birthday so that is why we have planned it so far in advance. This year we are going to Cyprus for her birthday, i try to take her away somewhere for her birthday.
We were fortunate enough in 2004 to kiss Pope John Pauls ring in Rome and have a blessing it was very special.
Thanks Again
Speak to when you return

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