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sammi 10-31-2005 10:08 PM

Hi. I am planning a trip with my husband for 2006 on Enchantment with Royal. I am wondering how navigatable it will be for he and I since he is in a wheelchair all of the time. We are not an elderly couple, so we will be out and about through out our trip. Also, we will be going to Key West, and Cozumel: how accessible are there ports for wheelchairs? Any knowledge will be appreciated.


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oppis 11-01-2005 02:38 AM

It dependends, if they dock or tender.
We tenderd in Key West but there were many handicapt passengers and the crew really helped them, even with their scooters, to bring them into the tender boat.
In Cozumel we docked far away from the center of Cozumel, so we took a cab. I think, also no problem with a disabled person.
Maybe there are some problems on shore excursions, but there might be someone here on this board who can answer this better than me.

Oggy Boy 11-01-2005 06:38 AM

Key West is very friendly, while Cozumel is not. My best advice for Cozumel is to hit one of the beach clubs and enjoy the day there. If you want shopping then visit one of the malls. The streets of Cozmel are narow and croeded and it is uncomfortable if you are in a chair.


sammi 11-15-2005 09:35 PM

Thanks so much for your information. I do not get a chance to get online but every few days, so please don't think I'm not appreciative of your help. The information will really help us plan our days.

Thanks again!

Jenny2005 11-21-2005 08:31 AM

There is quite a bit of info on the royal carib uk site you may find helpful -

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