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new2cruise 11-02-2005 08:34 PM

Has anyone had any difficulties catching a taxi from the Port of Tampa to the airport?
We have a free shuttle from our hotel on the day of embarkation, but I have become concerned as to the ease of transportation upon debarkation. Is there usually multiple taxi's waiting for passengers, or do you have to arrange for one by calling?

Thanks for any info.


Cruise Specialist 11-03-2005 06:59 AM

Which ship are you going on? You can always purchase the transfer from the cruiseline to the airport..usually runs around $25.00 or so per person.

NancyN 11-03-2005 08:32 AM

Tampa is an extremely easy port to disembark from. There will be ample taxis waiting for you as you leave the ship. The airport is not far so taxi fares are quite reasonable (and much faster & efficient than the cruise line transfer in my opinion).

NancyN 11-03-2005 08:33 AM

I just noticed we will be leaving on a cruise the same day - can't wait to get on the ship, what about you?

new2cruise 11-03-2005 09:34 AM

Thanks for answering my questions.

Yes...I'm getting so anxious to go. It's both my husband and my first cruise, but I have already become addicted to learning all I can about cruising. I have a feeling that it won't be our last cruise. As a part-time nurse and stay-at-home mom, it will be nice to have someone else making the bed and serving dinner for a few days.
Thanks for all your valuable info on this site. I would be nervous about going, if it weren't for the wealth of information found here.


Colton's dad 11-21-2005 02:31 PM

When we were planning I was informed that taxi's have a set rate in Tampa of $20 port-airport-port. We were going to do a van for our six, but 2 cabs looks cheaper?
Miracle Dec4th 05

farmerjohn 11-21-2005 05:34 PM

Regardless of which port and airport you are using, one good way to find out about transportation options is to use Google to find the airport site. Most airport web sites will have a transportation page that will have information on taxis, limos, van shuttles, buses, etc. You should then also be able to get an idea about rates. Most of the ports also have web sites, but I have not found them to have as much information on transportation as the airport sites have.

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