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Frase 10-10-2007 08:32 PM

I live in Orlando,FLa. Next month I will need to travel to Miami to board my cruise ship. I am considering my options. Such as renting a car, driving my car down there and parking in an off-site garage. The garage at the port is just too expensive. Or, there is another option: The Cruise-Connection Bus.

It is a bus that pickups passengers in various cities and transports them directly to either Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) or to the Port of Miami. And then in reverse after the cruise. They will transport me from Orlando to the Port of Miami roundtrip for $75.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has dealt with the Cruise-Connection Bus? If so,(or not so)what are your opinions of it?
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penny3333 10-11-2007 08:32 AM

I spoke with a couple on Princess last year that had used them to come over from Ft. Myers to Ft. Lauderdale. They seemed to be pleased, they did say it took longer than driving because they made 6 stops before getting on Alligator Alley. But, they were delivered to their ship and the bus was on time at their stop. Like I said, overall, they seemed to be pleased. Hopefully, someone who has used them, personally, will see your post as well.

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