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RichC 04-13-2008 01:50 PM

How far approximately is the airport from fisherman's wharf in San Francisco?

Dave 04-13-2008 02:01 PM

16 miles.

LisaP 04-13-2008 02:04 PM

Rich, I just pulled up my expense reports from my last business trip to San Francisco, and our fare from the airport to Union Square was $45 including tip. It wouldn't vary more than $5-$10 to the Wharf.

RichC 04-13-2008 03:30 PM

Thanks Guys, At least I know how far & an approx price now for a shuttle. I haven't been to SF in 26 years & it should be interesting. We'll be doing all the touristy things for a few days before our cruise.

LisaP 04-13-2008 05:29 PM

I forgot to specify that we traveled by taxi.

Enjoy San Fran...I love visiting!

penny3333 04-15-2008 08:28 AM

Fresh seafood and real sourdough bread, yum! It's been a long time since I've visited as well. I'd have to do China Town, Fisherman's Wharf, and check out all the old famous areas. Let us know how it was when you return. Where are you staying? The last time I stayed there it was in the Sir Francis Drake.

RichC 04-15-2008 09:59 AM

Sir Francis Drake is a little rich for our taste. We picked the San Remo Hotel Nothing fancy but it's close to Pier 41 & our ship. We can always walk to Fisherman's Wharf in the evenings. There seem to be loads of restaurants in the North Beach area to choose from. We'll be touring most of the time so we didn't need a $200 a night room.

penny3333 04-16-2008 10:50 AM

Thankfully, I was able to get an airline employee rate, my dad was a pilot for Eastern. So you can see how long ago it was. I only paid $10/night. The San Remo looks like a really neat historic hotel. Hope it's nice!

drlivingston 04-18-2008 01:44 PM


Originally posted by penny3333:
The last time I stayed there it was in the Sir Francis Drake.
I stayed at the Drake in 1998. I paid $90 per night and got a coupon for a free meal at Scala's. That wasn't even ten years ago. Has it gone up that much?
As for the airport, it always freaked me out to look out the window of the plane and see another plane landing parallel to you.

penny3333 04-22-2008 06:20 AM

When I did a search on the web, the least expensive room I found was $289/night. It was a nice hotel, but not that nice.

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