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yankeegal64 02-16-2011 11:54 AM

Please read before you use Cocoa Beach Shuttle
I wish I had read all the recent online reviews before I booked, but I used them 3 years ago and had a wonderful experience so I didn't think they would of gone down hill so quickly. We were a group of 11 going to the port and waited 30 minutes past our scheduled pick up time, even though we were the only ones on our shuttle. This should of been enough to set off bells and whistles, but the driver (name removed) assured us that if we booked the return trip they are waiting in the port area and arrive within 10 minutes. We had already paid him for one way so he pulled over and collected the return fare for 9 of us (some were getting a rental car for the return). He gave us a one way receipt for 9 for the return trip. The day we arrived back in port I called Cocoa Beach Shuttle as soon as we left customs and let them know we were waiting. After 15 minutes I called again and the receptionist (found out later her name was (removed)) was very rude, refused to give me her name or the manager's name, and proceeded to hang up on me. I tried to call back, as did another couple that were waiting on them, and no one answered the phone. Finally (the receptionist) answered the phone and as soon as she heard my voice, hung up on me. The shuttle arrived 40 minutes after we had first called them, then the driver (did not get his name but looked like Elvis) tried to say that our receipt was for one way and that we did not pay for roundtrip. As the 9 of us explained what had happend and that we had 11 on the original trip and their records should show that, he called (the receptionist) (amazing that she managed to answer him on the first ring) and asked if he should call the sheriff. She told him no, but he also refused to give us the manager's name and said he only knew (the receptionist)'s name. Class act operation. Please cancel if you have reservations. I ended up using the Melborne Airpot shuttle to get from the hotel to the airport and they were cheaper and friendlier. I wish I had used the hotel shuttle to the port but as I said we had used the Cocoa Beach Shuttle in the past and had been very pleased. I plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau because of their shady practices. I only wish I had read these reviews first. Our group plans to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else and post our reviews on every available site. Also realized the last good review, after visiting numerous sites, was in 2009 and there are way too many posts about this shuttle service not showing and not refunding money.
Follow up-called today and still was refused by two different women to get the manager's name or hours that he is there. Please anyone else that has had problems report them to the online Better Business Bureau so others will not endure what we have. It only takes a minute of your time to save others the trouble we endured.

cruisin'tam 08-01-2012 06:43 AM

Do not use this company!!!!! Read this!!!!!
I recently cruised out of port canaveral and booked with this company for my transportation to the port. The van that picked us up was a total wreck. I looked over at the mileage it read over 600k, which in my mind ,is way too much for me and my family to be traveling in at 80 mph,which the driver was doing, and shaking the whole time,scared me to death. The van was filthy and smelled like a sweaty sock,it was an awful experience. The driver was very loose lipped about the company and it's owner who is a guy named (name removed by Admin).<name removed=""> Now check out what this driver told me about this <name> guy. <name removed=""> <name removed="">(Name removed) owns and operates this Cocoa Beach Shuttle company, but he doesn't employ people as employee's, he employs them as sub-contractors so he doesn't have to pay taxes, if they damage any of his vehicles, he takes it out of their pay. Sometimes they don't even get their pay, it depends if this guy decides to come around and bring them their checks. The driver also told me a heartbreaking story about the mechanic that worked for Cocoa Beach Shuttle, that </name></name></name></name>Mr. (name removed) <name removed=""><name><name removed=""><name removed="">dismissed after the mechanic found out he was sick with CANCER. That just blew my mind!! This is NOT a company or person, I want to give my money to. People like (name removed)<name removed="">should not be allowed to be in business, especially transporting people. As a New York state DOT inspector,I feel it's my duty to report this company,just for the condition of their vehicles, to the Florida state DOT , the US DOT, and I'm dropping a little note to the IRS about this guy. In NY, when we come across a company like this, we shut it down. If you look at other reviews on this company, you'll see what I'm referring to.</name></name></name></name></name>

poormom 08-01-2012 09:55 AM

While I appreciae the warning about this service, and would certainly look up on line reviews before I booked, I have to question why the owner's hiring practices are of any concern. I think the driver's lack of professionalism is more alarming. You've also contradicted yourself...If they are employed as sub-contactors, there's no expectation that there will be work next week, and no health insurance. It seems that your claims against the owner, if unfounded leave you open for slander charges. And this website has no obligation to protect your identity.
As a former DOT employee, I would hope that you wrote a letter to the FL DOT, and din't just choose to cross the internet with first-time posts on multiple message boards.

4Middleclass 09-07-2012 10:58 AM

Buyer beware of Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttles
Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttles (Orlando to/from Port) are deceptive in their advertising and policies. The pictures of their buses, vans and limos are not true. They are old, uncomfortable (third-world) and breakdown (I spent 1/2 hour waiting for the driver to jump-start one of their other old vans) They are undependable and do not show up on time or not at all. And once you do get picked up you have no idea how long it will take to arrive at your destination. Their rates (plus a mandatory 15% gratuity) are more expensive than first quality bus service like Disney Cruise line buses ($35 each way) . And then the driver will stand there with his hand out for more tips. If you purchase a Roundtrip reservation and cancel the return trip a week in advance , they refuse to refund your money and gratuity. They use an answering service that can not provide customer care and correct answers over the phone. Buyer beware.

cruiser1953 12-19-2012 10:02 AM

to the above poster , are you serious ive used many different shuttle companies before and you really expect people to believe that a driver picks you up with your family , then proceeds to tell you all about the company, his or her pay plan , the owners name , his or her pay practices , and the way he supposedley treats his or her employees ? i dont think so i sounds pretty outlandish to me ive used several shuttles all over the world and never once have i had a driver mention that to me !!!!!!!!

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