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Syounie 03-10-2011 11:30 PM

Transport to and Hotels in Port Canaveral
First time cruisers flying in to Orlando airport the night before Carnival Dream cruise out of Port Canaveral in May 2011. Planning to overnight near port. Have been looking at many ground transportation services (limo/towncar) but can't find any good/bad reviews. Most prices are comparable and more reasonable than taking the Carnival bus transportation. Can anyone recommend (or not) any of these transportation companies?

Also we are considering staying at the Country Inn & Suites, Residence Inn, or the Hampton Inn at Port Canaveral. Looked at the Radisson but online reviews were not very good. Any recommendations on this?

Jabee 03-16-2011 09:05 PM

checking out the Radisson. It is a couple of miles from the Port and has a shuttle to and from the ship. Very nice resort style Hotel. Even though you will not have a car, you can still use the shuttle to get from the Hotel to the ship..
and get very nice HOT Buffet breakfast.

Sorry..I drive to Ports, so i cant tell you anything about airport transfers

Cape Canaveral Hotel: Radisson

I highly recommend this if you are driving and want to leave your car in a safe place. I would recommend checking the price also since you are flying in.

penny3333 03-17-2011 06:16 AM

Hi Syounie, welcome to CruiseReviews. I don't think you'll find much better of a deal using outside transportation. Orlando to Port Canaveral is at least 45 miles, maybe a little more. The cruise lines offer shuttles. You could check with the Radisson and see if they offer one, too.

wis3384 04-06-2011 11:29 AM

did you try Noble Transportation ?
i always use them when my family comes to visit from Italy to Orlando MCO

Nat 09-18-2011 06:55 AM

Can anyone recommend a good limo service? Fort Lauderdale to Port Canaveral, we are ten people? Thanks, Nat

Dave 09-18-2011 07:11 AM

Wow, a 200 mile shuttle van ride. That won't be cheap. Probably $500 to $600 no matter who you book it with. You can rent a 12 passenger van with Budget for one-way and it will cost around $180. Drop it off at the Radisson Resort At The Port Budget office in Port Canaveral.

Nat 09-18-2011 07:20 AM

LOL...opps I meant Port Everglades..sorry about that!

Dave 09-18-2011 07:46 AM

It is just a short drive of 10 to 15 minutes. They have taxi vans at the airport. I'd simply do that - go to the taxi dispatcher outside the baggage claim and you'll be on your way.

Jim1012 09-28-2011 03:34 PM

We just stayed at the La Qunita, just North of the airport. The desk girl there gave us a shuttle service name of AAA Acxcess Transport, and even called them for us. Nothing fancy-just a 10 passanger van, but the price was amazing-$50 per person ROUND TRIP from the motel to the port and back!! I have a phone, and a web site addy, if they are forum allowed.

Dave 09-28-2011 03:59 PM

It is fine for forum members to post a website link to a shuttle service. It just can't be your shuttle service or one you work for!

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