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lregan20 02-25-2010 01:41 PM

Hey Everyone,

What is the custom when it comes to tipping when embarking/disembarking the ship in NY. Do you tip those who take your bags or the stewards who deliver them? I am taking 31 people and what to let everyone know what is customary.


Jim C. 02-25-2010 02:29 PM

Not just for NY, but the accepted "standard" for baggage tipping-

Embarkation- you tip the porter than takes your checked bags from you at drop off- $1 to $2 a bag that is checked. (If you have a lot of luggage then $1/bag is good.) If you only have one or two bags. then maybe give them more per bag). It really depends on how much work they do- if they meet you at the taxi/car and take the bags out of the car and take them away, I go with a bigger tip. If I have to drag my bags over to them then they get a smaller tip. You do not tip the person who drops off your bag at your cabin (most likely you won't be there when it arrives anyway)

disembarkation- you will tip the porters if used once you pick up you bags from customs. Same rates apply. Note that at some ports, getting a porter to assist you will speed you through the customs line because at some ports they has lines for porter assist so you don't stand in line with everyone else. But this is not true everywhere (Miami is not one of these) San Jan seemed to be) So if you are asked by a porter if you need assistance, ask them if you do, is there a separate customs line

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