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avp 08-06-2007 01:04 PM

I will be in Turkey (off the Emerald Princess) in October and was informed by a travel agent that unless I used a Princess shore excursion, I would need to obtain a special Turkish visa. Has anyone have information on this?

Rayscuba 08-06-2007 01:11 PM

I know when you land in Turkey by air, even if it's to board a Cruise Ship you have to get a visa. The Turkish Consulate has a Web Site here that should tell you. And I would call the Cruise Line.

MaryMary 08-06-2007 04:51 PM

We were in Turkey in June on the Emerald Princess. The ship collected our passports before we arrived in Greece and kept them through our Turkey ports until we returned to Italy. In Turkey, they provided us with a printed generic passport - essentially we were in Turkey as a guest on the ship's visa. This is regardless of whether we were on a ship tour or on our own. We did not take any ship excursions and traveled on our own with no problems. It is my understanding that if you are arriving in Turkey by air or traveling by land for several days you must get a visa.

We loved Turkey, Have Fun!

TrvlPro 08-06-2007 05:25 PM

A Visa is indeed required in Turkey but it's very easy and affordable. If I remember right it's about $40. and you don't have to make arrangments in advance of you trip unless flying. The ship will have a blanket Visa and some lines cover the cost, some charge the cost per person onboard the ship. Even if they cover it, it's in your cruise fare so either way you're paying it.

I think your T/A may be confusing the regulation of Russia and some other Visa required destinations with the simple and easy Turkish Visa. In Russia it's true that you cannot go on your own withour an individual Visa and it's pricier and must be processed in advance. Nothing to worry about in Turkey.

Cheers, Neil

avp 08-07-2007 11:57 AM

Thank you for your answers. I also spoke with Princess and the customer rep told me (after much checking with her supervisor) that if I was "in transit" I would not need a visa. In transit meaning I was just there for the day. However, if someone arrives via air or stays in Turkey, a separate visa is required. Any other suggestions on seeing Istanbul on my own?

garnettsmith 08-07-2007 02:14 PM

I was in Istanbul on business a few months ago and had to purchase the visa upon landing at the airport. It was essentially a non-event as you just stood in line (with the majority of your fellow air-travelers) and plunked down your passport and cash. If I remember correctly, the cost was $30-40.

As for sightseeing, Turkey is an historical and archeological treasure trove...seeing the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque are must-do's. Of course, there's also Topkapi Palace and numerous other sites as well. Don't know how long your stay is, but if possible, try to sample some of Istanbul's nightlife and restaurants. All-in-all a great place to visit.


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