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mani8kgm 09-09-2006 09:54 AM

How often do trains run from Civitavecchia to Rome- say in an hour. And how long does the trip take? Thanks

Hank 09-09-2006 02:17 PM

The frequency of the trains varies during the day, but there is generally about 2 trains per hour. The train into Rome takes approximately 1:15 which is actually faster than the tour buses during the morning rush hour. You can find the train schedules at


mani8kgm 09-09-2006 07:18 PM

Thanks for the link Hank. I can't figure the prices. For Oct 5, the train leaving Civitavecchia at 9.57am will be $28 for two, return. It takes an hour. The train that leaves that leaves at 10.04 takes longer, an hour and 16, and costs $40 for two. Strange?
At any rate. Is the return okay for any train or does on only take the one that matches the fare. Thanks

mani8kgm 09-10-2006 04:23 AM

I believe not all trains from Civitavecchia to Rome stop at St Peter's. Which then is the stop nearest to the Vatican that we can get off at? Thanks

HeinBloed 09-10-2006 04:35 AM

Dear mani8kgm:

the trains leaving on minute 41 need only 46 minutes without transfer (not every hour)
the trains leaving on minute 04 need 53 minutes without transfer (not every hour)
the trains leaving on minute 22 need 1 hours 5 minutes but need a transfer in Roma Ostiense.

The best is to check directly with the Italian State Railways.

Use Civitavecchia as boarding station and
Roma S. Pietro (exact spelling required - otherwise the system will not find the station!) as destination station.

Have a nice trip.


mummyez 09-10-2006 06:25 AM

We've been having the same thoughts. We are sailing on the Oceania 11/3/06 and they want $96 each for the round trip bus to Rome. We will have 10 hours so I think going on our own is doable. Where is the train in relation to the port? Any info would be really appreciated. thanks

Hank 09-10-2006 07:12 AM

Actually getting to the train station in Civitavecchia is quite easy. The port authority provided a free shuttle bus (and its actually a very nice modern bus) from the ship to the port entrance. When they drop you at the entrance you just walk a few blocks to the station (just keep the water on your right as your walk). You will have no problem finding the station as there will plenty of others going to the same place.


mummyez 09-10-2006 06:02 PM

thank you so much for the info I really appreciate it. What do you now about Sorrento/Capri port? Should we do it on our own or pay through the nose for ships excursions?
thank you

Hank 09-10-2006 08:27 PM

Mummyez, I just looked at your itinerary and its really looks like fun. Sorrento is actually not a very common port since, as far as I know, ships must use tenders. Most cruise lines go to Naples. Sorrento is actually more convenient for several reasons, so I am jealous. If you want to only go to Capri, you can easily take the jet boat from Sorrento to Capri for about 12 Euros. I belive those boats run about one per hour and my assumption (I cannot be 100% sure about this) is that you will tender into the same pier (or very close) that is used by the jet boats (we have seen other ships in port using this pier). Its a pretty short ride from Sorrento to Capri (about 20 min). If you want to go to Pompeii, you can simply take the train (its the Circumvesuviania Line that runs from Sorrento to Naples) and get off at the station called Pompeii Scavi (not Pompeii). The ruins are a stone's throw from the train station and that train would take about 20 min. I believe the same train line can also get you to Herculanium (we have only gone there by rental car). Another option is to travel the Amalfi drive and stop at wonderful places such as Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Its possible to do this very cheaply by taking the SITA public bus which runs along this route,,,but those buses only run about once per 45 min and they can be standing room only. Personally, we like to rent a car and drive...but we are pretty familiar with the region and used to Italian drivers Here is my advice. If you are going to Capri there is no reason to take an excursion. Its also pretty easy to do Pompeii on your own (admission is 10 euros per person) and either join a tour at the entrance (usually about 10 more euros) or rent a self audio tour. As much as I hate tours, I think its good to have a guide at Pompeii because they can help bring the place alive (assuming you get a good guide). If you want to do the Amalfi Drive, I would suggest you either take the cruise excursion or arrange for a private guide (most do this through the internet). As to Sorrento, you can do this on your own....and get plenty of local info at one of the information kiosks or tourist office. Keep in mind that some of the stores in Sorrento may not be open on Monday morning (which means they would not open until late afternoon). Monday is a strange day in Italy with many things keep this in mind when doing pre-trip homework. Also keep in mind that most Italian stores close from about 1 -4 PM for their lunch (life is really good). On Capri, the touristy shops do stay open, but some of the exclusive boutiques close for a few hours in the afternoon. In May, we spotted a pair of carfully torn jeans in a Capri boutique for only 600 euros!



Ptur 09-10-2006 08:49 PM

Thanks Hank,
I am trying to work out the best way to get to the ship from the airport. As my wife and I are both over 70 and pensioners we want to get to the ship by the best and god forbid cheapest means because the exchange rate is horrendous about 0.61USD to 1.00NZD and there is every likelyhood it will worsen. The options we have are not very good either, we can't book our flights and accomodation through Carnival as (a) our travel agent advises us that you can only do this if you live in USA or UK so being in New Zealand doesn't help us and (b) if we could he tells us the cost is a rip off.
So we are left with Travelling from Manchester England on the 12th arriving about midday. This means we have to stay overnight somewhere and travell down to the ship the following day.We could get the train from Rome but my wife is very nervous about that, so what other options have we got?

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