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katep 09-04-2007 09:43 AM

Has anyone ever taken NCL's ' Rome, Florence & Paris On your Own' shorex? Where do you get dropped off? Also, does NCL offer shuttles (free or with a fee) to go to the city centre for its Gibraltar and Lisbon port? Are they usually 'tender' ports? How long is Monaco( the Prince's palace) by train from Villefranche? thinking of going to Monaco on our own from Villefranche. Have never been to any of these cities so I'm looking at all the different options. When a tender is used, can you go back to ship at different times or is there usually a set time that you're only allowed back on the ship? Are there different tenders for different ships that are near the port? Or is there a different line for say RCCL, NCL etc? Are tenders first come first serve on the lineup from the ship? I would appreciate any experiences or advise from previous NCL (or not) cruisers with regards to these. Thank you.

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