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mooneydiva 08-06-2010 01:26 PM

Hey, everyone!

We're going to be in Venice a couple of days prior to our cruise next month, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how far the cruise port is from St/ Mark's Square. Can you also give me an idea, please, of how to get there?



alexandra cruiser 08-07-2010 07:41 AM

We used this website,,, then put in "search timetable" to find out best way on vaporetto,,,we took water taxi,,,expensive but fast and docks close to pier....your hotel may provide or help with transportation,,,can always ask....lovely city,but can be confusing to get around...the pier is only 5 min walk from vaparetto station,,,but over 1 small bridge...would be hard if not rolling luggage....we got lost a few times,but always found someone to help...just give yourself plenty of time....

mooneydiva 08-08-2010 06:06 AM

Thanks, Alexandra. We're renting a flat for three nights, so we won't have a concierge or anyone to answer questions where we're staying. I figure we can always ask at restaurants and stores and such, but I thought someone here might be able to answer, and you did. Molto grazie!

Hank 08-11-2010 09:10 PM

I must admit to being a bit confused by the posts. St Marks Square is quite a distance from the cruise port, especially if you have luggage. Yes, you can always take a water taxi but that is going to cost you over $100. If you do not have much luggage you could simply take the vaporetto (6.5 Euros for a single ride or other deals for 24, 36, 48, or 72 hour passes) assuming you can handle your luggage (they do charge extra if you have more then one piece). The nearest vaporetto (also known as the ACTV) stop to the port is at the Piazale Roma which is a 15 - 20 min walk to the port with a slope when you go over the bridge. Some of the cruise lines run a free shuttle from the Piazale Roma to the port and it is also possible to get a land taxi at the P. Roma to take you to the port for about 15 Euros. Your best bet would be to take the Aliliguna "M" line which is a private boat company. This M line runs from St Marks Square direct to the cruise port. This line also charges 6.5 Euros (one way) with a 3 Euro fee for more then one piece of luggage. The M line runs every 30 min from St Marks Square leaving at 5 and 35 min past each hour.


mooneydiva 08-14-2010 11:30 AM

Thanks, Hank. M sounds good to me!

Hank 08-15-2010 10:52 AM

Chris, Also keep in mind that you will need to be able to easily handle your luggage. Depending on the exact location of your hotel you will possible need to carry your luggage several blocks and go up and down over one or more pedestrian bridges. Once at the pier you will need to carry (or roll) your luggage onto the dock and eventually get it all on the boat while you are possibly surrounded with lots of other folks. The alternative in Venice is that some folks will hire a porter to carry their luggage, but this is pricy. As long as you can handle your luggage the Alilaguna (I finally spelled it right this time is a great option. Your hotel will be able to give you the exact location of the dock (there are several docks at St Marks Square) and check the current schedule in case it has changed.


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