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debbiew 06-10-2008 07:42 AM

Any suggestions regarding tour operators for a private tour in St. Petersburg. I was pretty set on red October because they have a USA representative...but he was so rude and unwilling to answer any questions I decided against their company. Any suggestions would be great

LHT28 06-10-2008 08:07 AM

There are several companies recommend on the CC board
SPB Tours

People have recommended to use the Russian office of RO if you are going to book
Just be sure that who ever you use provides the "group Visa"

We have SPB booked for next year

lsc 06-10-2008 06:23 PM

We used SPB tours last month and were very pleased.

mscno 06-13-2008 07:54 AM

I used ALLA last month and loved every minute of it. She provides everything through email and we had no issues. I do wish we had splurged for a group of 4 or less though. No waiting at any of the sites with the really small groups. We had a group of 16 and it was fine, but would do the small group in the future. Such an intense 2 days... every little thing that eases your time is worth it!

Good luck and enjoy!

lskaye 06-26-2008 03:27 PM

Two years ago we used Denrus. They are a Russian company, which you will be able to use their visa. We were pleased with the two day tour. However before we booked, we were told if we were late leaving the ship, the tour would go off without us and we would have to catch up. This was not the case. We waited over an hour for the Marco Polo ship to dock. We missed valuable time in St. Petersburg. Over all, we were pleased with their service. Their website is

janfred 06-28-2008 05:23 AM

We also used Denrus for a private tour. We had a driver and tour guide. All I can say is..FABULOUS. She was unbelievable, we never waiting in the long lines, she took us in side doors. We saw more in 2 days than any bus tour from the ship. We were able to choose what wewanted to see prior to arrival. I would do it again if we ever go back, worth every penny!
Here is her e-mail

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