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Ninacruising 11-19-2007 01:56 PM

This will be our first european cruise and I wanted to know if anyone has gone to Cinque Terre from the Liverno port and if they have any suggestions on the best way to get there.

Our first choice when we get to Liverno would be to see Cinque Terre. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

ftroute 11-19-2007 06:15 PM

This is the same question that I asked myself about 2 months ago and I have done extensive research on the subject since then. (I lived between Livorno and Pisa for 3+ years so I am familiar with the area.)

First of all, how long are you in Livorno? One day or overnight? Could make a difference on how you approach the area. Time of the year can also matter.

Basically you have 3 options: (1) Ships excursion. (2) Private tour. (3) Self tour.

From what I have read, ships excursions seem to be geared around the one day in Livorno visit. Bus to the La Spezia area and water taxi/ferry to 4 of the 5 villages. Time in the villages is shortened because of the time it takes the boats to travel between the villages (as opposed to mere minutes by train.)

Private tour would possibly make sense if you are a party of 3 or more. The general mode seems to be drive you to the southern end and pick you up on the northern end. It varies by excursion provider.

The third is a self tour. You take the train both ways. This approach will work for those on a one day stop in Livorno but your time in Cinque Terre is somewhat limited. If you are overnight, and therefore have the luxury of a late night out, you have a lot more time. Train connections are quite good and train travel in Italy is quite easy (especially if you don't have luggage.)

I have two documents, in the advanced draft stage, on the subject. Let me know what you port schedule is and I'll post the appropriate one.

Ninacruising 11-22-2007 08:18 AM

Thanks for your response to my inquiry.

I have been trying to determine the best way to get to Cinque Terre and maximize my visit of the area.

We are on the Grand Princess arriving at Liverno on May 4, 2008 with a scheduled port arrival of 630 am and leaving port at 6 pm that day.

I'm not sure if Princess will be offering a shore excursion to Cinque Terre on this cruise. But I was trying to determine which options would be better: going on our own or trying to find a private tour.

Any further suggestions or comments is greatly appreciated!

Again Thanks for the reply.

Hank 11-22-2007 03:36 PM

A very intersting excursion for a first-time visitor. We actually tried to hike the entire way (all 5 towns) but came-up short because it was so darn hot that day and my DW was still recovering from some minor surgery. Its a very ambitious trip from Livorno since your are talking about at least 1 1/2 hours to train to the Southern point and another half hour to the Northern city. You also need to get from the ship to the Livorno train station which is not always easy since most of the taxis will refuse the short trip (its not walkable). Of course getting between the 5 towns is the fun, and you can use train, boats, or hike (you would have time limitations for hiking). I would be a little ruluctant to recommend doing this on your own since its your first trip to Europe and hiring a private driver is a lot of money to have somebody just waiting around since you cannot drive to all 5 towns. When we went we had a rental car (we were spending a few weeks driving around Italy) and parked at one end, planned to hike to the other end and than take the train back to our car. Princess does normally offer a tour ($109) which used to take you to 3 of the 5 villages (Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare). Getting to all 5 is impossible on a bus.


ftroute 11-23-2007 07:33 PM

Glad to see you chime in on this one. As usual, you bring a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to the table.

I still think that you still have two options at this point. In either case, I'd have to call it a modified plan. I think seeing all 5 villages is pretty much out of the question (unless you count passing by as seeing one of them.) Given your time frame, three can be done if you watch your time carefully and build in a couple of small buffers and plan 'B' at the back end. A long, leisurely lunch in Monterosso before returning to the ship is just not going to happen this trip. Contact me off line and we can discuss further -

steimey 01-27-2008 07:09 PM

Hi Nina,
We are also on the Grand Princess May 2, 2008. We have have booked a tour for Cinque Terre through Papillion services. The cost is $440 euros for up to six people and we have four already. Please let me know.
Thanks, Jill

steimey 01-30-2008 02:14 PM

Hi Nina,
I was able to copy and paste the information regarding this tour. Please let me know if you are interested.




The "Cinque Terre" are five small ancient fortified villages inaccessible until some decades ago when a road was built. "Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre" is a Nature Sanctuary, Unesco World Envoronmental and Cultural Heritage!

To visit the Cinque Terre means to visit five villages suspended between sea and earth, clinging on the cliffs and surrounded by green hills, means to understand the history of whom, for centuries, has fought against difficult land but it also means to taste the result of this millenarian struggle and in particular wine and produce. Here the sea, the hills, the vineyards, the old ancient villages and the Genovese style churches add together to result in breathtaking scenery. There are no cars and no noise but only nature!

The tour start from Portovenere, here you can take the boat (*)and reach the first village, Riomaggiore. Here, after visiting the village you can reach the next one, Manarola, not by boat by through the famous path Via dell'Amore - translated in English it means The Path of Love that starts from Riomaggiore and arrives to Manarola, curving around the coast and seems to be hung up to the mountains that dominate the sea.
It is just one of the path surrounding the Cinque Terre, but definitely the most spectacular, because of the breath-taking view that allows you to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the coast, a perfect marriage between the sea and mountains. This trail is suitable for everyone, about 1 km long in a 20 minutes time and it is unforgettable!

Once in Manarola you can take the boat again to reach Vernazza, passing in front at Corniglia, where the boat cannot stop,take your time to enjoy Vernazza and then take another boat to Monterosso, the last one of the five villages where you will find our driver waiting for you! From there a scenic drive up to the mountains over the Cinque Terre lands to go back to La Spezia where you will take the highway to Livorno.

Remeber that, during the boat transfers, everywhere you can stop as long as you like and everywhere you can eat the best fish of the world drinking the wine produced on the hill that surround the villages...

And a wonderful gift for your group leader...

Cantuccini and Vin Santo, typical biscuits of Tuscany region to taste with our sweet wine, for you!

Duration: 9 hours


Luxury sedan - One to Three passengers - Euro 380.00 per vehicle

Luxury van - Four to Six passengers - Euro 440.00 per vehicle

luxury van - Seven to Eight passengers - Euro 500.00 per vehicle

Coach up to 20/33/50 passengers on demand

Please note:

Price include english speaking driver guide for all tour long.

Tours by coach include english speaking escort.

Price do not include lunch or entrance fees.

Boat tour (one way): Euro 15.00 per person, on request.

(*) Please Note: the ticket of the boat allow you to visit all the Cinque Terre, one way.

You can leave the boat at any village and stay as long as you like taking, with the same ticket, another boat later to continue the trip.

Timetable of the boats:

Portovenere 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 14:15 15:00 16:00
Riomaggiore 09:20 10:30 11:30 12:00 12:30 14:45 15:25 16:25
Manarola 10:40 11:40 12:10 12:40 14:55 15:30 16:30
Vernazza 10:55 11:55 12:30 12:55 15:15 15:50 16:50
Monterosso 09:50 11:10 12:10 12:40 13:10 15:25 16:05 17:10


All Rights Reserved 2003/2007 - Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

Hank 03-07-2008 08:44 AM

This thread must have been in the back of my memory, because after a lot of discussion my wife and I are thinking about heading back to Cinque Terre. Our reasoning is that we will be in Livorno on May 1, which most of you know is a very major national holiday (Labor Day) in Italy. We have previously been in Italy on May 1 and this is a day when most stores and many museums are closed. We decided to rent a car (we are used to driving in Italy) and probably drive up to Cinque Terre. The total cost of a car rental will be about $100 and there really is no need for a guide to do the 5 villages (you can use your feet, ferry, and/or trains). We might consider taking another couple with us (this cuts the transportation cost to about $25 per person) but keep in mind that we would be renting a very small car and its a windy road from La Spezia to Riomaggiore. If we have enough time we might even stop at Viareggio which is a nice Italian beach resort city.


Ninacruising 03-17-2008 12:41 PM

Hi Jill,

Thanks for the information on your tour to Cinque Terre. Sorry I didn't respond back sooner. I haven't been back to the site to review the posts in a while.

I will have to check with the other couple we are travelling with. I know that we still are interested in going to Cinque Terre. I saw that Princess has an excursion that takes you to Cinque Terre that you can reserve.

Do you have more information on this tour that you will be taking. Will they pick you up from the pier. Do they take you right to the Cinque Terre area or do we have to get our own train passes to get to the actual towns.

If you want, please email me at since I would like to chat more with you. Maybe we can set it up for a vehicle for 8 people instead if the four of us decide to go on it.

Thanks again

ccjean 05-19-2008 08:17 AM

Hi Hank: We are arriving in Livorno at 8:30 and must be back on board by 7PM. I saw your post about renting a car and going to Cinque Terre. Have you done your trip? If so, how easy was it to get a rental car at the Livorno port? We are used to driving in Italy, but my concern is getting back to the ship in time!!
Thanks for any advice.

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