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Eddieg24 03-05-2009 04:41 PM

In another post I discussed my needs with respect to Cherbourg. In this post I am looking to hear from others about the best way to tour Amsterdam. We will have about 7 hours in that port. One thing I definitely want to see is the Anne Frank house. Would it be easiest to rent a tour guide and dispense with the ships excursion. We will be a party of four.

janfred 03-05-2009 06:00 PM

We used VIATOR and booked what we wanted to see in Amsterdam before we went. We even printed off our tickets from home. I loved them, you can read about a tour and even see how others rated that particular tour. Anne Frank is one of the tours they offer. We even used them to get back to the airport. Check out their website
We did a stay over after our ship come back into the port.

Hank 03-05-2009 07:15 PM

Ok, so string me up by a noodle but I continue to think that most tours are overpriced, overcrowded, and a waste of good money. Amsterdam is an easy city to do on your own with a decent guide book (with map) and a "strippenkart" which is a way to buy a group of streetcar tickets at a discount (it is spelled out in any decent guide book). In Amsterdam you will find that nearly everyone speaks English (more than we can say in the USA) and folks are very helpful. To see the Anne Frank house you either walk there or take a streetcar, pay the entrance fee, wait in line with everyone else (including tours) and than see the place. If you get tired, you can always rest at a "brown bar" and order your pot off the menu!



Cruise Fanatic 03-05-2009 07:47 PM

My experience with Amsterdam is that you need to get to the Anne Frank house early. The lines were long going down the street. In the limited time you have I think one of the canal rides would be nice. You can get off and on at stops, or you can just stay on for the whole trip. It is a nice ride through the city and they give narration of history. The Heineken Brewery is also interesting. If your into Museums and Art they have the Riksmuseum, and Van Gogh.

janfred 03-06-2009 03:15 AM

Well Hank,
It would be long walk to the Keukenhoff and you still need a ticket to get on a canal cruise :0)

LisaP 03-06-2009 03:47 AM

Tickets to the Anne Frank House may be purchased in advance on the museum's Web site, located here. You select the day and time, print out the tickets, and you bypass the lines outside. That's what we did for our 2007 visit.

I agree with Hank in that the best way to see Amsterdam, in a limited time, is by public transport. Most streetcars lead to Centraal Station, so it's easy to find one's way around. Look here for information on the GVB transit system, including maps and pricing. We purchased an all-day pass and saw quite a bit. I am a public transit nut, and enjoy riding systems wherever I go, and I'd put Amsterdam's near the top of the list.

The second best way, if you are able, is by foot. There are plenty of maps and walking tours online or in book stores. We purchased a tour book that had a variety of walking tours of various neighborhood and selected a few favorites.

If time permits, a ride on a canal boat is nice. We enjoyed it so much we did it two times -- once during the day, and once at night. (You won't have the latter option, unfortunately.) Some companies do an entire loop non-stop while others will allow you to get on and off.

As others have said, the people are extremely nice and friendly to tourists. My only caution is to adhere to the rule that bike riders have the right of way...look first before stepping into a bike lane to cross the street.

Hank 03-06-2009 06:55 AM


Originally posted by janfred:
Well Hank,
It would be long walk to the Keukenhoff and you still need a ticket to get on a canal cruise :0)
Keukenhoff! How did that get into the equation. The OP was asking about Amsterdam, and Keukenhoff is quite a distance from the city (I think its probably closer to Haarlem). But since you mentioned the place, I would add that it is truly one of the most amazing gardens/park on earth. The problem is that there is only a small window (perhaps a month) when the tulips are in their full glory (part of April and May). You can get to Keukenhoff from Amsterdam quite cheaply by using a combination train/bus...or you can get a tour bus direct from Amsterdam.


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