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BarbMatt 05-26-2006 06:29 PM

My husband and I are going on RCCL Voyager of the Seas in October. (21st)
We are hitting: Marseille, Villefranche, Livorno, Rome, Naples.
We plan on doing most of the excursion on our own and trying to be realistic - seeing only 1 or 2 things at each port.
Can you provide feedback on our choices:
Marseille - we are going to Avignon (Palace of Popes) by Train on our own
Villefranch - Nice, Eze, Monte Carlo - again by train on our own
Livorno - we want to do the Cinque Terre - do you have any info for me on this?? the ship offers a tour but I'm not sure if I have time to swing this in 1 day. We get arrive at 7AM and depart Livorno at 7PM - we've been to Florence before and wanted to see something different.
Rome - we will do Rome on our own - easy - been there before

Naples - another one where I don't know what to do - - I would like to see Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. How can I do both of these in 1 day and on my own? We're there from 7-7 also. Any ideas on websites I could check out? I just don't want to break down and book thru the ship - too much $$.

Please provide advice on Cinque Terre and my desire to do Pompeii and Amalfi.

Uwe 05-27-2006 09:23 AM

click here to learn a bit about Naples, Pompeji and Anmalfi coast. There are some threads in this chat.


Uwe 05-27-2006 09:32 AM

Hi Barb,
here is another link to answer your question:

Naples has an ancient town. From the cruise port you may take a taxi to the central station. From there you will be in about half an hour at Pompeji . You can take the same train afterwards to go to Sorrento. Than take the bus for Amalfi. Back to ship with the hydrofoil.

Sealover72 06-01-2006 02:15 AM

Cinque Terre is not near Livorno and to get there by trin would require a long time, I don't think it would be possible without a car.
You could visit Pisa and Lucca, nearer and you will be able to use the train

Dianeh 06-01-2006 07:40 AM


I am planning on taking the train to Pompeii and then on to Sorrento. I thought the hydrofoil was there. Do I need to take a bus to Amalfii? Am a little concerned about time. Do you know where there is a hydrofoil schedule?


Normandie-BCN 06-02-2006 06:14 PM

Cinque Terre are close to La Spezia. From this port you have some small ferrys that stops a any port of Cinque Terre, starting by Portovnere which is very close to La Spezia.

La Spezia is from Livorno so far than Firenze. The best way is by car but I read in other forums that someone did it by train to La Spezia and then by Ferry. So, it must be posible to do it is you know well train and ferry schedules.

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