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NancyN 05-02-2005 02:51 PM

With the limited amount of time I will have on my upcoming Baltic cruise, I am hoping that some of you may offer an opinion or suggestion: If you were to go to one ship museum, would you choose the ferry to Bygdoy Peninsula in Oslo to see the Viking Ships OR the Djurgarden ferry to the Vasa Ship Museum in Stockholm?

TexasGal 05-02-2005 06:13 PM

Hi Nancy! I'm going to Oslo on my European Tour, and i'm going to go see the Viking Museum and the glass factory where they blow glass. I have never seen that happen before so I know i'll find it facinating. Have fun!
1st cruise-Golden Princess-European Capitals-25 days to go

NancyN 05-03-2005 05:17 AM

Hi Keri,
We will have to compare notes when we return. Have a good time - it sounds like you are as excited as I am.
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Oggy Boy 05-04-2005 07:05 AM

I would select Oslo, as there isn't all that much to do there. In Stockholm there is a ton to see and do.


NancyN 05-04-2005 07:33 AM

Thanks Tom,
I'll put that on my agenda for Oslo.
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oppis 05-04-2005 07:47 AM

Hi Nancy,

take your time in Stockholm for a city tour and the changing of the royal guard at the castle at 12. Ive never seen such a spectacular guard changing in other cities n Europe.
And walking through Stockholm is wonderful. Small streets with nice shops with specialties from Scandinavia, like glass and special designed jewels. You will love it.
I dont know if you will visit Helsinki too, its also wonderful and Tallin in Estonia.

Enjoy your cruise, we did it last year with the Jewel OTS,

Best wishes

NancyN 05-04-2005 07:54 AM

Thanks Marita,
Yes, I will be visiting Helsinki and Tallin also. Any suggestions for those ports?
Baltic Cruise on Century<BR>

oppis 05-04-2005 08:05 AM

Hi Nancy,

we loved Tallin, nice and friendly people, medieval old town almost everything renovated in the last years. Everything in walking distance. We had a complimentary bus shuttle from the estonian tourism board.

In Helsinki we had to pay for the bus to the center and then we walked. It was on a saturday, so many finnish people were on the streets with music and different entertainments.
Nice and cheap market near the ferry port in the middle of the town, good for buying amber and special pens made from curly wood. thats a great gift for the people at home, better and much more artistiv then in Russia.
Also great designer things, you will not find in other places in the world.

So, enjoy

NancyN 05-04-2005 11:06 AM

Marita and M,
Thanks for the suggestions. I will certainly plan to do some shopping - sounds to me like I had better allow for shopping time in St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm - Oh, so little time so much to do

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