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grey nomad 10-21-2008 01:23 AM

Can anyone please help - we are on Voyager next week going into Naples on wednesday. We are thinking of getting the Cicumvesuviana train to Ercolana (for Mt.Ves) & then back to Pompeii Scavi.
I saw elswhere in a posting that the station is about 1.25 miles from the port (that has answered one query) - is the station easy to find / walk to? I am with my wife, 3 teenage children and inlaws.
I understand that there are two stations the main one at Garibaldi and a smaller one just servicing the Cicumvesuvianna line at Corsa Garibaldi - which is the best one to use?

To visit Mt.Ves we get off at Ercolana, we now find that there are only two buses a day to the summit 8.45 & 12.45 ! Is this correct as we can't find any timetables or info on the bus services there.
Can we get off at Pompeii Scavi and get a bus?
How often do they run?

Anyhelp / info would be greatly appreciated

Jim C. 10-21-2008 08:52 AM

I can only help you partially as we did not visit the volcano and only saw Pompeii itself.

But to get to Pompeii Scavi, the Circumvensuianna line (or however it is spelled) is the best option. Its not hard to find and it is not a long walk if you are walkers. Or a short cab ride. I don't know if you can catch a bus to M.V. from Pompeii Scavi or not. Ercalono is where the Herculanium Scavi siteis too..

Rui 11-02-2008 08:00 AM

I this summer I made a cruise with my family (my wife, my sons and one aunt) on NCL Gem and one of the stops was Naples. To visit Pompey, take the bus at the bus stop in from of the cruise terminal to the railway station (10 minutes away) and then take the train to Pompey Scavi. The train station is next to the entrance to Pompey Scavi so the bus is not needed. Inside the Cruise terminal the is an Italian Tourism desk that will give all the help and maps needed to you visit.

Enjoy the visit to Pompey and Naple


PS - careful with taxis and ask always the fare to the driver before taking the taxi (usual precaution in big cities )

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