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ottpost 09-03-2012 04:49 PM

Taking train from Cannes port to Monte Carlo
Instructions to get from Cannes port by train to Monte Carlo - I received some info. before from others for instructions so I hope this helps someone else.
It is about 30- 40 minutes to get to train station by foot from the ship. It really is best to come out of the port and take a local bus.

When you come out from the ship and follow the walkway you will see a beach on the left hand side. You will see a kind of square where there are drinks and tickets for other things. Cross over the streets and you will go the the right and follow the street called " Rue Georges Clemenceau". Follow that street and stay on left side up a few minutes and you will get to "Place B. Cornut Gentille" where a bunch of buses leave. You will see Hotel De Ville across the way.
We took Bus #1 but I think you can take 2 or 20 as well.

We asked bus driver to go to train station and he said yes. Train station name is: Gare SCNF.
Pay the driver 1 Euro and then you will see a blue ticket validator just past driver that you put your ticket in to validate. Bus ride was about 10 minutes and stops right in front of station.

We bought a family pass train ticket which was 14 euro for 2 of us unlimited train journeys for the day. This was cheaper then buying single tickets at 8.60 each. It was a summer offer from June 2012 to Sept. 2012.

When we got to train station I used the automatic ticket machine (must use a credit card like Visa/MC that has a PIN - no AMEX) and there was a lady from the train station who helped purchase ticket.

It was about 45 minute train and 15 stops from Cannes.

LuizzeOliveira 10-29-2012 02:25 AM

ottpost has given best information about train from Cannes port to Monte Carlo. Train travelling is very comfortable and easy travelling as well as it is cheaper than other travelling. You can also go Cannes port to Monte Carlo by bus. There are so many buses also available for transport.

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