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ottpost 09-03-2012 05:45 PM

Instructions from Salerno port to train to Pompeii or Naples
I was not able to find alot of info. about this Salerno port when I searched so hopefully someone else can use this info.

At the ship they had shuttle buses that brought you to a square about 10 minutes away. We could not walk off the port due to rules of that port. You had to take a shuttle but they filled up fairly quickly. We had to wait a few minutes before they started so check with your ship. We ported at 7:00 am and the first shuttle did not leave until 7:30 am.
Once, it dropped you off at this stop (picked you up from there too) then it was only a 10 minute walk to train station. They will tell you which direction and fairly easy to find.

We were able to catch the 8:01 am train to Pompeii. From the Pompeii train station you will go left out of train station and keep following that. It is a good 25 minute walk.

Remember to validate your ticket in machines before getting on train as well also make sure you check if you are there on Sat. or Sun which trains are not running. For example the choices of trains for us on a Sunday in afternoon went from 4 listed to 2 as 2 of them don't run on Sundays. We also had to take the train back that was 55 minutes instead of 25 (milk run).

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