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Mella 08-30-2009 01:26 PM

I'm doing a cruise and wanted to make sure that what I know is correct.

When we port at Naples, I am to walk approximately 25 minutes to the train station and take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento, which takes 1 hour; the cost each way is 4 euro.

I was also wanting to see Pompeii as well. From what I understand, Pompeii is 30 mins by train from Naples? I wasn't clear on how much is costs from Naples to Pompeii or from Pompeii to Sorrento....does anyone have a blog or site that I can get these details?

Lastly, what order should this be done, should I travel to Sorrento first then spend the rest of the day in Pompeii before going back to the ship? Or first go to Pompeii then Sorrento? Will I have time to see the Herculaneum?

Thanks so much.

Hank 08-30-2009 01:42 PM

The train that takes you to Pompeii (you get off at the Pompeii Scavi station) is the same train that takes you onto Sorrento, so the cost is somewhat less than the ticket to Sorrento. The trains run about every 30 min (each way) so there is really no need to research schedules. As to the order, you can probably get different theories, but there really is no need to decide until you buy your train ticket. But, I can give you a few factors to consider in your decision. If it is a very hot day, many would suggest going to Pompeii in the morning before it gets too hot. Keep in mind that the ruins offer virutally no shelter from the sun and the only cafe in the ruins is currently closed for renovations. Hence, you should buy some water before you enter the ruins (there are plenty of places just outside the entrance where you can buy bottled water or soda. The other factor has to do with shopping in Italy, Sorrento has a pretty decent shopping area, but like most of Italy, those shops will close around 1-2 pm and than not open again until 4pm. This is an issue if you want to spend the afternoon shopping in Sorrento. An interesting tidbit has to do with the nearby island of Capri where most of the shops now stay open all day (this is a new development and might be related to the recession).

As to Herculanium, it is also accessed by the same train line as Pompeii and Sorrento but you would get off at the Ercolano Scavi station (relatively close to Naples). You can actually buy a combination ticket that gets you into both Herculanium and Pompeii and save a few Euros (they sell these at either site). Personally, we think doing both ruins in a single day is a bit much for most folks (my wife and I have done this ourselves when we vacationed on the Amalfi Coast). You might want to save the Herculanium decision and decide on the spur of the moment (as your last stop) if you still have the energy and ambition.



Mella 08-30-2009 05:45 PM

Thanks Hank! That's good to know about shopping in Sorrento, which of course does determine whether I go to Sorrento before Pompeii.

I was thinking of doing Capri, but was reading that it costs 17 euro (?) each way. And for a group of 5, that comes out to 170 euro, which is 240 dollars not sure I really want to spend that much just getting there and back...would prefer to stretch my dollar. I also read the blue grotto is about 10 euro each, so that would be another 50 euro...

Hank 08-30-2009 07:09 PM

You are correct about the cost of going to Capri. In addition, you have to pay a few more Euros on Capri to take the finacular up to Capri Town. As to the Blue Grotto, it costs a lot more than 10 Euros each (I think by the time you are done with the big boat, boat into the cave plus tips its nearly 30 Euros per person.


Mella 08-31-2009 02:15 PM

Oh wow, I didn't realize there was a big boat then a boat into the cave....I wasn't sure though about Sorrento..I have been trying to see what there's to see and do but I couldn't find a good website or blog to give me details.

Hank 08-31-2009 07:05 PM

I think the term "big boat" might be overstating the situation. The boats that take you from Marina Grande (this is the same port that the ferries from Naples and Sorrento use) are motor boats that hold about 20-25 passengers in an open boat. You than motor part of the way around Capri (15-20 min ride) until you get to an area just outside the Blue Grotto. At that point, passengers are transferred into small row boats that hold about 6, and than the boatman rows you into the Blue Grotto. Of course you do have to pay before you get into the small boat (you have already paid for the larger boat) and than when you come out of the grotto most of the rowers will really pressure you for a nice tip (our guy said we could not get out of the boat until we gave him a tip....only a joke,,,but he did wait for the tips).


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