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potter 03-30-2008 02:29 PM

It appears that passengers are tendered off of their ships to the port of Dubrovnik. Can anyone help with information about where to go to get a water taxi to Cavtat. I have an elderly lady travelling with me, so walking distance is not her forte.Also how often do they go and how long does it take. Regards Potter.

Raoul Fiebig 03-30-2008 03:01 PM


no, passengers are not necessarily tendered ashore in Dubrovnik. Some ships anchor off the old town of Dubrovnik and use tenders, while most of them dock at the Port of Dubrovnik (Gruz).

potter 03-31-2008 01:27 AM

Thanks for that :So if we do dock as you said , how far from there are the water taxis. Is it a 5minute walk or longer.

Raoul Fiebig 03-31-2008 04:25 AM

Sorry, potter, I cannot answer that question.

potter 06-13-2008 09:28 AM

Thank you for all your responses. We are back now. We arrived on Ocean Village and we did dock at the port no tendering required. We got in a taxi directly outside the port. If you walk out of the port there is a taxi rank but YOU MUST USE THE PHONE TO PHONE FOR ONE. It seems the cabs are not based there. Please note we took a cab to Pile Gate but there was a bit of a scramble for cabs on the way back and they were more expensive so perhaps you should agree on a price first. Dubrovnic was a lovely historical place but there were 3 ships docked and the place was heaving so we took a river taxi to Cavtat pretty place not much there though but we didn't want the crowds. We had a bear and fresh baked filled roll things which were lovely and then took the taxi back to Dubrovnic and it was a little less crowded by then. Would like to go back on a quieter day but it seems ships dock there quite a lot of the time so maybe best out of season for a return visit.

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