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hdg 06-11-2008 06:17 PM

Does anyone know how many miles it is from the port in Villefranche to St. Paul De Vence?

Hank 06-11-2008 07:53 PM

Yes, its approximately 21 miles although there is some variation depending on the exact route.


hdg 06-12-2008 09:10 AM

Do you know how much a taxi should cost from Cannes to Villefranche?

Hank 06-12-2008 03:12 PM

I would never consider using a taxi for that distance, but we can take an educated guess. From Cannes to St Paul de Vence is about 30 kilometers or nearly 19 miles. Since the taxi is unlikely to be able to get a fare coming back to Cannes, he/she would probably refuse to do this on the meter since this would involve a nearly 40 mile round trip. Its hard to imagine anyone doing this for under 100 Euros, but its just a guess. And you would still have the issue of getting back to Cannes. You could try to negotiate to hire a taxi for the day (or half day) but you are probably talking at least 200 Euros. The last time we were in Cannes (this past December) we tendered in early in the morning off the Brilliance of the Seas. As is typical of this part of France, there was not a single taxi in sight (it was Sunday morning and they were all probably sleeping). One way to save some taxi money would be to take the train to the Cagnes sur Mer station (just west of the Nice Cote d'Azur airport) and try to get a taxi from the station (the closest station to St Paul de Vence). From there its only 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) and there is also a public bus that makes that trip (its across the street from the station and you could ask for someone to point out the bus stop).


suekay 06-22-2008 06:58 AM

We took the train from villefranche to Cagnes- sur-Mer (easy and cheap) but it was Sunday so no taxis available at Cagnes-sur-Mer. There was a phone number to a taxi company, but phonecard required for public phone and shop was closed - so not able to buy one. Limited bus service just along the road, but bus sailed past full. We finished up waiting 30 minutes for a train back to Villefranche

Hank 06-22-2008 08:14 AM

Suekay, That is really valuable info. I am not surprised about the lack of taxis since there never has been a lot of good taxi service in the south of France. But, the full bus is a real problem. The only solution would be to pick-up the bus at the Nice bus station, which is where it starts its run. The downside is that the bus station is not very convenient to the Nice train station although it is walkable.

Villefranche is probably our least favorite port in that part of France for several reasons (some of which you have discovered). Tender operations can sometimes be a real hassle (it can take hours for independent passengers to get off the ship). Train service can often involve a 30 - 45 min wait. Bus service on Sundays is also not great. There are no rental car companies close to the port although there have been times when some would deliver to the port (but never on Sundays). We go to great pains to make sure we always have a rental car when we are in the south of France on Sundays, but that does not help those who do not want to drive.


pawz 06-22-2008 09:31 AM

Hank, About the difficulty for independant travelers getting tendered in VilleFranche? Is that typical for any cruiseline or particular to one? We are visiting there later this summer on a Celebrity ship and were planning an independant tour but this makes me wonder if that is a good idea.

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