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Cruisin Jamie 02-21-2010 06:19 PM

Hi Eveyrone, Im going on a cruise and one port is Nice France. I dont want to pay for an excursion. As i understand, its about a 45 minute drive to Nice. Is there any public transportation. And what would you suggest doing. My two daughters, ages 13 and 18 are going along with my mom (82-very active). Any suggestions with transportation would be appreciated!! Thank you!!!!

Hank 02-21-2010 09:17 PM

Your post is a bit confusing since you do not tell us which port. It is unlikely that you are actually going to Nice since you could walk from ship through town. If you are tendering into Villefrance, that port is only about 12 min from Nice via train or a bit longer if you grab the public bus. If you are tendering into Cannes, than it does take about 45 min to get to Cannes via the train. There are both trains and regional buses that span the Riviera coast, but we would have some concern about doing this with an 82 year old. You also need to consider why you want to go to Nice? Do you have a specific destination such as the old town area, the Promanade, museums, etc.


Cruisin Jamie 02-22-2010 07:23 AM

HI Hank,
Im sorry, here is our itinerary. Can you help me with some ideas for a couple of these ports?. I have been doing research on each port, but would like some ideas from someone who has been to them. Any ideas would be great!!
We're not looking for hiking trips. Just places "you should go when you are there" type things. I think im comcerned about the transportation from place to place too.

Villefrance,France- What to do here?
Livorno,Italy - already have our day planned
Rome, Italy- already have our day planned
Athens Greece, Have it almost planned out
Kusadasi(Ephesus), Turkey- What is good to do?
Santorini, Greece-What is good to here?
Naples,Capri, Italy- What is good to do here?

Thanks Hank, I appreciate all your help!!!

Svein 02-23-2010 04:13 AM

Kusadasi: If you are interested in religion/history, a trip to Ephesus is mandatory If you don't want to buy an excursion onboard, there are normally dozens of drivers lining upoutside the gate to offer you tours to Ephesus.

If not, shopping is an option, but my experience is that that is quite exhausting because the vendors are quite offensive, not to say aggressive.

Cruisin Jamie 02-23-2010 09:45 AM

Thanks Svein, what do you suggest to do in Ephesus. I would like to do a bit of shopping, but i dont not like vendors who are aggresive. We've been to Jamaica and another place where the vendors were aggresive and I didnt like it one bit. I apprciate your reply!!!!
Thanks alot!! Jamie

Hank 02-24-2010 09:12 AM

I had recently wrote some tips about Ephesus on another thread but its probably good to repeat myself. We have visited Kusadasi 4 times and been to Epehsus on three ocassions. It is among the best ruins in the world (we think its much more interesting then Pompeii) and we have done a visit on our own, with a cruise line tour, and with a private tour. Although we generally do not like tours, we strongly recommend that any first-time visitor arrange for a private tour to Ephesus...and that tour should include a visit to the Terrace Houses. The Terrace Houses are within the ruins, but have an additional entrance free and large groups are not permitted to enter as a group...hence most cruise line tours do not include this on their tour. My personal recommendation is to arrange, in advance, with EKOL (you can google their web site) to have a private guide. I specifically recommend Ekol because they have been in business for a long time and we know they are a reputable company that uses only qualified guides. They will meet you at the ship, you will have a van with a driver plus you will get a professional guide. When you reserve you need to specify that you want to include the Terrace Houses. To be blunt, going to Ephesus without seeing the Terrace Houses is a crime! There are some other decent tour companies in Kusadasi but we do not have personal experience with these other companies (one popular company called Hello Ephesus just went out of business). We continue to be shocked that the cruise line tours do not make arrangements to see this important and fascinating part of the ruins. One professional guide told us that they exclude the Terrace Houses so they have more time to take cruise passengers to the phony jewelry factory or pottery factory where the tour company gets a nice kick-back from sales.


Cruisin Jamie 02-25-2010 12:37 PM

Thank you Hank!!
I have sent an email asking about an excursion for the port of Ephesus, including the Terrace Houses.
I appreciate all of you help!!!

alexandra cruiser 04-24-2010 01:02 PM

I d take the hop on hop off bus in Nice,, it goes to all the famous stops,,can sit on top with earphones and it tells what you ll see,,then can chose to stay on or not,comes by every 20 mins.or can Google Nice tourism, or any of the other cities, to get an idea of what to do and if this type of bus is available..its a real bargain,the girls would love it....

Hank 04-24-2010 03:27 PM

I am going to politely disagree with the last post and explain why. We think using a HoHo bus in Nice is a waste of money and time! We say this having been to that city more then 6 times on cruises and also having stayed there in a hotel (The Meridian) for several days. The reason we do not like a HoHO here is that there are primarily two neighborhoods that are visited by most tourists and they are within walking distance of each other! One area is the so-called Promandade which is the street that runs along the water (the Negresco Hotel and the Meridian are both on this route) which makes for a nice stroll. The other area (our favorite) is the old town neighborhood which should thrill mother and daughters since this area if full of cute shops and cafes. In fact, we love Nice old town so much that last year when we were docked in Monte Carlo we immediately jumped on a bus to Nice to get there in time for the morning Flower Market and then stayed for lunch (the fish soup they serve in Nice is one of my favorite French dishes). The thought of viewing Nice (or most towns) through a bus window is not my idea of fun and my wife and I are saving those buses for when we are in our 90s and can no longer use our legs.


Cruisin Jamie 04-28-2010 07:42 AM

Hi Hank,
This "old town neighborhood" you are talking about sounds great. Can you explain to me how to get to it. I think the Flower Market you are talking about is the same one I thought would be great to go to.
Thanks so much for all your help!!!!!

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