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Karen 69er 11-17-2010 06:59 AM

We are thinking about going on the excursion in Antigua with the catamaran and snorkling, can we do this with our 3 year old? Is there an age restriction? If not can we leave him on board the ship while we go on shore (not my fav thing to do)?

penny3333 11-18-2010 01:15 PM

Hi Karen 69er, some of the excursions will list the age requirements. Some of them will not object, some might. There are babysitting services on some of the ships, but not sure the hours. Which ship are you sailing on?

Karen 69er 11-18-2010 04:57 PM

We are going on the Carnival freedom. I do know there is baby sitting. I did not know if they babysit while you are off the ship. On the excursion there is no age on it.

Dwayne 11-18-2010 07:02 PM


We are going on the Carnival freedom. I do know there is baby sitting. I did not know if they babysit while you are off the ship. On the excursion there is no age on it.
Let's start with the babysitting. Camp Carnival offers participation in the program for 3 year olds on port days.

The child prices listed on the Shore Excursions are for 4 - 12 year olds. If the excursion shows a "Baby Bottle" icon (this one doesn't) that means an infant can go for free as long as they don't occupy a seat. I don't know how strict they are with this.

penny3333 11-19-2010 05:19 AM

Dwayne is the expert on Carnival, thank you so much for posting They may let you take him as they usually do not ask for proof of age. Does he know how to snorkel? The catamaran ride would be fun for him, but he'd be pretty bored if he couldn't go in the water. Do you feel safe letting him in the open water? Would you feel safer having him in Camp Carnival? They do a marvelous job with children and usually the children don't want to leave. Just some things to think about. Personally, I learned how to swim when I was 7 months old. However, my dad didn't let me go on an open water snorkel until I was 7. My parents did let me play on the beach and in the water, as long as one of them were with me.

Karen 69er 12-14-2010 08:50 PM

Thank you for all the help. We have decided to do the 4x4 excursion in Antigua. It has a baby bottle, so if he wants he can come with us.

destinyfamilycruises 07-13-2011 09:36 PM

Snorkling catamaran in Antigua
Hello Karen:

First of all, depending on the cruise line most of them provide a daycare for a small $$$ (fee) Ex. for one child $25 dollars for most of the day.

__________________________________________________ _______________


Happy sailing

bugcruiser 07-30-2011 04:36 PM

We went on this excursion and I would say don't take your three year old. When we did this we ran into a storm and the water got really rough, people got sick all over the deck I was even scared. The plus part is I would have not traded going for nothing the weather cleared up after snorkeling and the view is breath taking, make sure you take a camera and water tight plastic bag for your camera just incase the water is rough.

SmithJoseph 08-20-2011 01:02 AM

Oh thanks bro, I will definitely follow your instruction. Since I am planning to go next week. What are the stuffs we need to carry. I am sure it will be the best tour of my life.:):):)

AlexLuther 11-19-2011 02:05 AM

The excursion is not bad for children, the thing is that as hes is just 3, don't take him near the storm. The catamaran is really good.


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