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belanger24 01-10-2013 01:44 PM

Transit between Orlando and Port Canaveral
My question is regarding the transit between Orlando and Port Canaveral. Is it a long drive? Our flight from Montreal is scheduled to arrive in Orlando at noon on Sunday. We are leaving on Freedom of th Seas at 4:30 PM the same day. Giving your experience, is it too short? We are thinking of moving our flight to the day before...Should we?

Jim1012 01-10-2013 04:42 PM

In MY opinion you'll be fine, asa long as the flight does not get delayed for any reason. MY recommendation is to use Royal's bus transfer to the ship. Round trip fare is ABOUT $45US each person. I know that there are cheaper ways and transportation vehicles, but I like the part where you get your bags off the baggage area, give them to the bus driver, and the next time you touch or see them is when they arrive inside your cabin. The ride takes about 50 minutes from the terminal to the Port one way. The ship will not leave until about 4:30 that day, but all have to be on the ship by, I believe, 3pm. At THIS port, I've found that RCL does a bang-up job; smooth and efficent. You WILL have a wait IN LINE to get to the check-n people (have your boarding pass pre-printed at home) for some time due to the time you're getting there. If this seems rushed to you, then go down there the day before, relax, have dinner, and MANY of the motels have shuttles to/from the airport, or may also have shuttle companies they work with where you COULD get a better deal. Otherwise, have the hotel/motel shuttle take you back to the airport, walk down to the baggage area, and get on RCL's busses at YOUR convienence. Personally, I like to get on the ship ASAP and get to the windjammer for lunch. Usually by 1pm or so the cabins are opened for new passengers to go inside and use. Be sure you pack, in a seperate small bag, that which you'll need until your baggage arrives (medicines, etc.) Been on Freedom before-she's a nice ship, and you'll have a great cruise.

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