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penny3333 07-08-2008 05:34 AM

Dress Code is another frequently asked question. While each line does vary, and Carnival has recently eased up on their dress code, Formal night and Smart Casual nights are usually the norm. For formal night you will see everything from long gowns and tuxedos, to cocktail dresses and sports coats with slacks. For smart casual it's normally sundresses or slacks with a nice top for women and a polo shirt or collared shirt with slacks or dockers for men. Shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops belong by the pool and not in the dining room. You can, however, wear them at the buffet areas. Most cruise lines request that jeans only be worn on the first and last nights of the cruises, and would actually prefer them not to be worn in the dining room. The buffet is always an option for those not wishing to adhere to the dress code. As stated earlier, Carnival is easing its dress codes. I like to equate the dining experience on board to going to an expensive restaurant. The ambiance in the dining room is magnificent. The tables are set beautifully. Dinners are served on fine pattern china, and the waiter staff are always dressed appropriately. These are links to some of the cruise lines for their specifications: Princess, Carnival, NCL(towards the bottom of the page), HAL(click on Baggage, Packing & Dress Code), Celebrity, RCI, and Disney.Princess also has a downloadable Cruise Answer Booklet available on-line. This is not a complete list of vendors.

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