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Jim C. 01-17-2008 11:15 AM

Hello all-

ftroute was kind enough to put a very detailed document together on how to travel by train in Italy- (still includes travel between the airport (FCO) and the cruise port in Civtavecchia, Italy.) It can be found here. If you are planning on a cruise with ports in Italy, you can use this guide to get to the tourist places on your own and safe significant time and money over the cruise ship tours.

Thanks ftroute!

Anyone having addition information feel free to reply to this topic as travel to/from this cruise port is a frequent topic.

Jim C. 01-17-2008 11:26 AM

This addition is from member "Hank" who I would claim is also an expert on Mediterranean and Italy many from the number of times he has been there.


I almost like that "expert" label, but than it means we have to live-up to our reputation. We like the FCO Hilton for the night before our flights back to the USA, but the place sure has expensive food (the buffet dinner can cost you $100). This hotel is actually connected to the airport by a long overhead connector that ends at an elevator right in front of the door to the hotel. Keep in mind it is a hike when you have luggage. Getting from that hotel to the port on the train is the cheapest option, but not easy. You have to take the long trek back into the airport where there is train station. You than take the train (Leonardo Express) into Rome (most suggest going to the main Termini
Station although there is a possibility of doing it via a smaller station) and than go make another trek between platforms and catch one of the trains (usually hourly) that would get you to Civitavecchia. Once you arrive at Civitavecchia, you can than make the 4 - 5 block trek to the port entrance where you catch a free shuttle bus to the ship. That entire process will probably take you as much as 3 hours because of gaps between the trains, long walks, etc. The other option is to arrange a car transfer/taxi the Hilton direct to the port (you can find some services on-line or your hotel can arrange it) but this is going to cost you somewhere in the $150 range. AS to the actual trains, the Leonardo Express takes about 30 - 40 mintues into Rome and the train from Rome to the port takes about an hour. I am not sure of the cost of the two trains, but the total should be about $30 per person. Make sure you always keep your luggage under your control since theft is not uncommon.


Jill SC 01-21-2008 08:32 AM

Great post. Particularly the luggage tips. I want to emphasize that you really do have to watch your lugguage on the train. In April, a couple sitting in our car had their knapsack stolen from the rack above them. While at a station, with the confusion of passengers getting on and off, the thief created a diversion by dropping some change on the floor and calmly grabbed the knapsack and walked off the train. The unlucky travellers noticed it quickly, but not quick enough to get off the train before it started to move again. Passports and camera were some of the items that were in the knapsack.

Kathryn Smith 01-22-2008 09:24 AM

We went from the Port to the Airport with no problems.

Lesson learned. Taxi from Airport wouldn't take us to the hotel only 6 miles away. They wanted the high fares and trips to the city only.

We had to wait 4-5 hours (off season) to get the free shuttle from airport to hotel. We advised our neighbor who was traveling with a group they would be better off getting a Van to meet them at Port, since they were staying in the same hotel we did.

If you are in good health and can carry all your luggage -- there is no problem taking the train into Rome or the Airport. So many flights leave early in the morning and you have to spend the night.

If we did it will lots of luggage any healthy person can.

Jim C. 03-07-2008 07:09 AM

Note to all, I update the link to ftroute's guide. The old one called out a MS Word formatted document that not everyone would have been able to read. Ftroute was kind enough to turn it into a webpage which everyone should be able ot open. Plus some new information has been added.

Thanks Ftroute!

Detroit Mark 03-07-2008 07:24 AM

I thought the W doc was awesome! I've downloaded it to my cruise folder at home. I'm one of those obssesive compulsive nuts that prints out everything, puts it all in its own clear sheet, and 3 ring binds the entire vacation weeks before I leave. This will be about page 50 I imagine.

Oh yeah. You would so hate traveling with me.

Eddieg24 03-19-2008 04:59 PM

We are staying at a hotel close the termini train station so getting to the station will not be a problem. My concern is the luggage. Considering we are packing for 14 days I expect to have two gig suitcases and a couple of smaller bags. Will we have enough room on the train to keep our luggage next to us? Also how likely is it that we will be standing on the train. Also, I understand there are tow level of tickets that can be purchased. Do you suggest a particular level? Also how well is English spoken on the train so that we know excactly which train to get on and when to get off? Thanks in advance

Eddieg24 03-23-2008 05:17 AM

I have already detailed the problems I am gacing gettingc ttransfers for my cruise from Rome Rome in another thread so I won't repeat them here. But I do have aquestion about the train from the Termini station. A friend of my suggested that if I go first class I should not have the problems so much of worrying about thievery and getting my luggage off and on the train at the station and at the port. He indicated that there are people around to help and if I tip them I should be all right. Is that your understanding?

ftroute 03-23-2008 06:46 PM


Knowing when to get on/off the train is as simple as knowing the train schedules. Know what time you are due to arrive at your destination and plan to be at or near the door at least five minutes ahead of time. If you are blocking the exit you'll find a lot of people willing to help you with your luggage (after all, you are blocking their way!)

1cl versus 2cl. The former, being more expensive, translates to fewer people. Will you always be able to keep your luggage with you? Maybe not - but keep it in plain sight and within quick reach.

The referenced document (mine) talks about luggage. Give some real serious thought about what you are packing and why. I just got off a 7 NT Carib. cruise and I took one 24" bag (plus backpack for camera stuff, etc.) I had stuff I didn't wear! I got my wife down to a 21" and a 24" and she had a bunch of stuff that she didn't wear. If you are going to cruise AND travel by train then you need to cut down on the luggage.

If someone were to offer to help with the luggage for x euros or dollars, I'd send them packing. They probably have a friend a suitcase toss away that is working with them.

force5 04-02-2008 01:54 PM

Fantastic instructions, have just used them on a Thomson cruise. Cost us nine euros each to get to Rome compared to the cruise wanting about 50 euros each. We caught the 1030 train, got to Termini for 12 had a relxing walk past the colessium, forum, pantheon, trevi fountain and back to the station and caught the 1630 train back.

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