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T4 10-27-2005 04:17 PM

We are planning a holiday cruise this year. The party will be us (50s), two children (21 and 17), and grandpa (75, still doing tango, cha-cha and salsa). What do you recommend to book: a family suite? 2 adjacent rooms? or any other options. We look into either Mariner of The Seas or Glory. Thank you for your opinions.

Sandy 10-28-2005 08:22 PM

T4, getting two cabins, a double occupancy and a triple occupancy, will likely be less expensive than a family suite, especially if you take two of the lower priced staterooms. Remember that the triple room will have either 2 twin beds and one upper bed, or two twin beds and a pull-out sofa. Assuming Grandpa will share with the kids, he'd probably be most comfortable in a bed rather than the sofa bed, and in a lower bed with one of the kids in the upper if that's the configuration of the room you reserve.

Family suites are limited onboard the ships, but certainly have your travel agent check availability for the week you travel, so you can compare cost vs comfort vs configuration.


T4 10-30-2005 08:13 AM

Thnak you very much for your input. I'll compare these options when booking my trip.

Lana537 10-30-2005 10:24 AM


Although I am 50 years old, I do distinctly remember what life was like attending college from the ages of 17 to 21. Your "children" are young adults. Also, if grandpa is single and still doing the tango, he may wish to have his privacy.

So, the most economical thing to do is go for three inside guarantees. Book three adjacent staterooms of whatever configuration if you feel you need to have the staterooms near each other.

Bon Voyage!


Marian 10-31-2005 07:26 PM

My husband and I once shared an interior room with his mother and we were fine. It got a little crowded at bedtime because none of us could use the bunk from the ceiling, so they had to bring in a rollaway each night.

If it's at all possible to get three rooms, I'd agree with Lana. If there's a little extra room in the budget, it would be wonderful if you parents had a balcony. Everyone would enjoy it.

fruby 11-02-2005 11:52 AM


You should work with a travel agent here because he or she can do the legwork for you. I would be very careful of three inside guarantees though because you might end up with three cabins that are less than ideal. But here are some ideas...

Select three insides, thatis, pay a little more but get the cabins you really like. Or...

Select a balcony cabin(as big as you can find), and two insides. This means that your children and grandpa can spend the day with you and yet have their own cabins. Note: the single supplement on RCL is 200 percent with port charges and taxes for one person.

T4 11-02-2005 07:52 PM

Thank you, fruby. You bring up a good point: "the single supplement on RCL is 200 percent with port charges and taxes for one person." Also, your recommendation on a balcony cabin and an inside is excellent.

Lana537 11-02-2005 08:34 PM

Fruby and T4~~

If you are going to talk about Single Supplement here on this board, you should add a bit more information----single supplement is when I choose stateroom 7007 specifically, and I want it all to myself.

A realistic Single Supplement rate is 150% of base rate, not 200%. Taxes and port charges are added onto all fares.

Fruby, you have T4 following right along after you, making an unquestioning quote....You quite possibly imply to others reading this board that single occupany of a stateroom can only be had by paying double. This is not the case.


Carlalena1 11-03-2005 04:02 AM

Keep in mind that it is a short vacation, and having Grandpa in with the kids or even with you two might be fun. The bonding that occurs or a cruise is incredible! I just took a 7 day with four kids in a room, FYI. I also took a 5 day with my mother last April. A large part of the fun comes from goofing around behind closed doors.

If I were you I would pick and outside for you and an inside for the three of them. No question. Forget the suite- you will pay three times the price.


Marian 11-03-2005 07:49 PM

You're right Carla. In spite of the tight surroundings when three of us shared the interior room, my mother-in-law said she would have been lonely all by herself. We laughed about the silliest things and we had so much fun together. And truthfully, we didn't feel crowded until we had the three beds out at night.

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