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nytimes 04-21-2008 12:22 PM

I am thinking about working for a co called cruises inc, as in the past i was with a small agency in yonkers ny. Does anyone work for cruises inc, can tell me how they like it?


TrvlPro 04-21-2008 01:22 PM

They are part of a conglomerate called NLG (National Leisure Group). This outfit is part of a larger conglomerate called WHT (World Travel Holdings).

The company's owned brands include CruisesOnly,,, Vacation Outlet, CruiseOne, Cruises Inc., and Villas of Distinction. WTH's portfolio of licensed partner brands includes BJ's Vacations, Cruises, Travel, Cruises, American Airlines Cruises, cruises, and many others.

Combined, this is the largest travel outfit in the world. Many of it's sites and agencies were once sold off and then later with new sites added and some re-acquired, along with their partnerships, they've become a goliath once again. With all the parts they're unequalled in size. There have been rumors for a couple of years of them once again selling off major portions of the opperation. Seems it's very profitable to create these sites and once they have a client base and some name recognition to sell what was initially a small investment start up. A very interesting business model.

Sorry I don't know anyone personally who works for one of these agencies or anything about their pay structure or benefits. I work for a competitor so have only general knowledge of the company and how it operates. I'd try speaking with a few employees there if possible before taking a psoition and you may also want to look at the BBB on the specific opperation you're being offered to get an idea what you're getting into.

Cheers, Neil

nytimes 04-21-2008 01:55 PM

thank you your insight is very good and I will hold off any decision til I speak to other people that work there.

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