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4nzic1 08-08-2003 10:02 PM

has anyone stayed at or heard anything about Holiday inn marina park hotel? i currently have 2 days before and 1 day after the cruise booked. the reason i went with this one is because it's less than 5 min from port. i'm hoping that because it's a holiday inn it shouldnt be too bad. i do admit that i'm a spoiled 5 star/gold crown timeshare resort owner so i know it wont be like that. : ) as long as it's not a dive, i'll survive. : )

also has anyone gone into ft lauderdale and taxi or shuttle to miami? does royal caribbean have a bus/shuttle service that can be purchased that goes from fll to mia? if anyones used a taxi/shuttle, how much did it set you back? currently air fare for the time i want is $380 to miami an $198 to fll.

mustcruise 08-17-2003 12:36 AM

I can't give you any insight on the Holiday Inn you asked about, but I did recently fly into FLL for a Miami cruise. It happened to be on Carnival that time, and yes, there were shuttles for several cruise lines there going to the Port of Miami. I did not even book in advance, just walked up and signed on there. I don't specifically remember if RC was there, but a quick phone call to their customer service will answer that. That is how I found out about the one for Carnival. (If you booked through and agent, they should take care of getting it for you. I bought from SkyAuction and they do none of that.) I think I paid $16.00. Taxis were quite a bit more, I just don't remember how much. This was on a large comfortable motorcoach and I hate taxis, anyway. (We have found that two women going on a 7-day cruise, we can barely get our luggage in a taxi - ha!) I hope you get more info, but I noticed there were no other responses, so I hope this helps.


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