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tacha 05-06-2008 06:19 PM

Sorry, me again.. Sapphire Princess Cruise or Mariner of the Sea R.C. not much a difference un $$$$... my hesitation is that with Princess, the reputation of old people on those ship, we are 44 and 48!!! Not that young but.... They say that no activities, niette, in a Princess cruise, is it true??
As for the Mariner, we just came back of Adventure of the sea... nothing wrong to say, it's just that they are mostly the same boat.. so no more to discover?!!!

Need ideas... thank you!!!

f-mattox 05-06-2008 09:26 PM

Hello again, tacha;

As I said in the other thread, there are activities all day and well into the night. I don't know where you got the idea there are no activities . . .that simply isin't true.

On a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise, you would be just about the median age.


penny3333 05-07-2008 08:06 AM

I don't know why Princess has the reputation for old cruisers. Maybe it's because their itineraries are normally longer than 5 days. The demographics are younger in the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera. There are plenty of activities day and night on board. There is no rock climbing wall or ice skating rink, but they have pools, golf links on some, video arcades, great shows, great comedians, good clubs, kids areas, and plenty to do if you wish. To me, in my opinion, Princess is a better cruise line. I think the service and food are better, this is my opinion only. No matter which ship you select, you'll have a wonderful cruise. Best wishes!

Swtgypsy 05-08-2008 11:22 PM

Hi, I have done both Princess and RC and I like RC. IMO the service is better as well as the activties. The food was MUCH better on RC. On both cruises the medium age seem to be mid 40's to 50's. My husband and I are 43 & 46 and felt comfortable with everyone around us. The Princess criuse was a 7 day Mexican Rivera cruise the RC was a 7 day Caribbean. I am trying Celebrity next

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