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MACLEODC 02-05-2008 06:13 AM

Okay I am new at this but how do I get one to those cruise tickers. I have gone to the website & filled out the form but can't seem to get it to be my signature. Help!!

Dave 02-05-2008 06:18 AM

You have to select the BB Code ticker option. It looks like you chose the html option which won't work here. There are three code choices at the cruiseticker website.

MACLEODC 02-05-2008 06:18 AM

I guess I'm not at stupid as I thought. I finally got it to work. Thanks to a fomer chat line I read.

MACLEODC 02-05-2008 06:20 AM

Thanks Dave. Question...every been on a NCL cruise? I live in SC & this line goes out of Charleston but every review I've read about them seems to be awful. I feel a cruise is what you yourself make of it. Any advice?

Dave 02-05-2008 07:13 AM

I am not an NCL person. It's been nine years since I last cruised with NCL, which was pre-freestyle.

You should post a question in the NCL section where you'll get better answers. I'll close this thread since the cruise ticker problem has been fixed.

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