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Mary L. 06-11-2005 03:13 AM

for $8,500 with the intention of having them set into earrings. However when we brought the stones to a certified gemologist in the states to have them set, we found they were not the diamonds described on the documents furnished with the diamonds. Diamonds International refused to take the diamonds back, further more they have refused all mail from us and finally refuse to discuss the matter with us. On the back of your receipt is there terms and conditions, which they never tell you. But you may consider all of your purchases which are fraudulently documented from Diamonds International to be your problem not theirs. We have $8,500 of worthless stones. Everyone please be warned.

oppis 06-11-2005 05:26 AM

Hi Mary L.

I wrote this, a few days ago about jewelry in the caribbean:
all of you are talking about the big stores. But we prefer the smaller stores. They have better prices and are much more friendlier, if you only want to take a look around.
In St. Maarten I can recommend Caribbean Gems. We got prices for a diamond pendant and a matching omega bracelet, on side in white, one side in yellow gold for really unbelievebal prices. We also get a Rado for my husband for an excellent price.
Because most of the passengers of the cruise ships go to the recommended stores, they dont have to give you better prices. But in the smaller stores, they need to do it.
So try some smaller stores, not only in St. Maarten, also in St. Thomas, Key West, Cozumel

Two years ago I bought a black and white diamond ring in Miami downtown, in a small passage, where you can find many small jewelers. I took my ring to a german jeweler. He tried his best to find negative things, about the diamond, the setting and more. But he had to say, that it was a very good safe quality and setting and we had to pay for this kind of ring here in germany almost 100 % more.
Then we bought a wonderful tanzanite ring in Key West. Also excellent quality and price.
But both stores were not the recommended stores from the cruise lines.
So be sure, that you know the prices. Find something on the internet, you are interested in, find out the price at home and then you can compare when you are on a cruise. But avoid the big stores and the shops on the vessels.

This is my recommandation, and Im a good informed jewel customer.


thomas stanton 06-11-2005 07:00 AM

Did you try contacting the main office in N.Y. We had a problem with some diamonds we bought from them in Mexico a few years back and after a letter and phone call to the main office it was handled. With no problems I might say.

CaribbeanBlue 06-12-2005 08:40 AM

I'd advise you to contact your credit card company and put in a complaint. They will initiate a stop payment on this item and put a hold on the transaction.
You will then need to submit your written documentation from your independent appraiser to contest the sale. Be CERTAIN that the appraisal is from a true independent appraiser (one that does not buy or sell jewelry of any form) Other wise the credit card companies will conclude that the appraiser is trying to "spoil the sale" and perhaps sell you another item. The jeweler will then have to submit their documentation to justify what they sold.
This is a big problem when dealing with some of the larger corporate stores. They are fine and dandy unless there is a problem. Then the run-around starts. They know there is a time limit that the credit card companies must adhere to before they can reverse charges.
First step is contact the credit card company and submit your documentation.

Hope this helps

Kate Ashlock 06-15-2005 05:33 AM

This is interesting to note. Every cruseline that I know of recommends Diamonds International, in fact they tend to promote them incessently.

Obviously, there's a kick back arrangement between DI and the CL. At the same time though, I would expect some sort of security or protection in making such a large purchase. Most cruiselines provide a 30 day guarantee on things you purchase at their recommended stores. Check to see if this applies to you.

We bought jewelry at some smaller recommended stores and found we got items for about 1/2 price. From reading this posting, it sounds like the smaller unrecommended stores might be ok too - but as always it's buyer beware.

Good luck with your refund!

HipMama 06-21-2005 01:41 PM

We recently had trouble with DI, as well. We purchased a Tanzanite/Diamond ring in Mexico at DI. Got it back home and had two separate appraisals done on it only to find that both appraisals were $1000 less than what we paid for the ring. As it turns out, the center stone (the tanzanite) is a piece of junk. We've been going round and round with DI for more than a week about this. They've offered us store credit for the full amount we paid, but I want my money back. Talked to my credit card company today and filed a dispute. They said that since the store misrepresented the quality of the jewelry, getting a refund won't be a problem.

A friend who was with us also overpaid for a ring.

Lesson learned.

oppis 06-22-2005 05:14 AM

I really hope, that people from RCCL are reading this too.

I had a conversation with the shopping guide on the Zenith in febraury when we were in the Caribbean and also told him, that we compared prices with smaller stores. And we were not satiesfied with the offers, DI and Tanzanite International had.
Also the kindness of the staff was not as good as in the smaller stores.
They were arrogant, and you felt like a person, disturbing them in their working time.

Totally different in the smaller stores and believe me, we have been in many of them, in St, Thomas, Puerto Rico, Barbados and St. Maarten this year. There we met so many nice people and most of the stores were family owned. Some introduced us to family members, because some of them went to Switzerland to a big jewelry convention and asked us different things about Germany and Switzerland.

So, try smaller, family owned stores, but before you are going on a cruise, try to inform you. And the internet is the best place for informations.

Best wishes and best buys on future cruises

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