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digdmr 07-29-2007 06:38 PM

There are 4 of us who are starting to talk about doing an Alaskan cruise and land tour in 2009. I'm interested in finding a two bedroom suite, with a balcony, for the 4 of us. Can anyone give me an idea of what cruise lines have two bedroom suites and how far in advance should we think of booking? I'm guessing they go pretty quickly.

As always, thanks for your help.

f-mattox 07-29-2007 10:31 PM

I don't know of any ships that have two distinct bedrooms; but then I never looked for one. The suites I have seen (notice I said seen, not stayed in) have one separate bedroom and a combination of pull-downs, sofa beds and roll-aways in the sitting room.

Princess has a catagory called 'Family Suite", which is two inter-connecting mini-suites. but there are only two on each ship, so you would have to book way early.

Another possibility would be simply two adjoining mini-suites. You wouldn't have a connecting door, but the partition between the balconies could be removed giving you one large common area.

But as I said, I'm not familiar with all lines. There may be one with just what you are looking for.


digdmr 07-30-2007 06:10 AM

Thanks Rick,

I wasn't seeing any two bedroom suites in my quick check of Royal Caribbean and Princess. Two adjoining mini-suites would also work perfectly.

Thanks for your help and, like everyone else that has been posting here, I'm glad you are back! It was a little sad last week - like coming back to school only to see that all of your friends had moved away.

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