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mpd215 01-23-2004 03:57 PM

Has anyone every used a company called Best Cruise

mpd215 01-23-2004 03:57 PM

Has anyone every used a company called Best Cruise

01-26-2004 08:49 AM

I've used them twice, with great results. I did a lot of research before I booked my next cruise (Zuiderdam, 1/31!) and they beat out everyone else by at least $50/person. I checked CruiseCon, I Cruise, and several other sites. Documents were in my hands 2 weeks before departure date, and the agents are very knowledgable and helpful. I used Gary Smith, x20 on their line, and he was just great.

01-27-2004 10:11 AM

Try Excellent material.

bwilli2 01-29-2004 04:27 PM

we are sailing on the mariner Feb 8th. We used best price cruises and they were 50.00 cheaper than any other quote. We have our documents and everything seems to be in order.

mpd215 01-30-2004 11:37 AM

Thanks for all the input. We went ahead and booked through them. Hope it all works out. Thanks again

02-05-2004 03:18 PM can't be beat

02-19-2004 09:27 AM

I went with can't wait for my cruise!

thomas stanton 02-19-2004 12:20 PM

I use cruises only and have had very good luck and normally the best price. But the most important thing isif you have a problem with the cruise line will there be any help from the cruise agency or agent?I have had problems in the past and Pepe at cruises only was there for us. Let know how HAL WAS WHE N YOU GET BACK!

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