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corkgirl 11-16-2009 06:34 AM

Hello All, Im just wondering for people who have been on say more than 6 cruises, do you always go to different destinations? Or are you booking a cruise for the facilities on the ship? I've been on The meditteranean one, and Eastern Caribbean, going next on Western Caribbean, have had a great time on all, and want to continue cruising but wonder if having been to a place before makes it less enjoyable?

thanks in advance

queenofcruzin 11-16-2009 06:45 AM

Hi Corkgirl,

In my humble opinion, cruising the Carribean is so enjoyable, I definitely have stops that I enjoy more than others, St Maarten being a FAV. Like many others, Jamaica is beautiful, but the conditions there make it less enjoyable. I happen to like smaller ships, and truthfully enjoy the savings of not going on the newest, biggest ship. But if I am cruising the Carribean, after 19 cruises there, I am just happy to be cruising...and make the best of where I go. I happen to choose cruises that stop in Key West, cuz my Brother lives there. From 2001-2006 I was just flying to Key West and visiting, but I missed cruising so I now I do both.

Sandy 11-16-2009 06:47 AM

I don't think repeating a port, even multiple times, is a problem. There are always new things to do in port, or doing the same thing you did before and enjoyed is ok, too.

Some people like to focus on the ship, and even in that case, some like to try new ships/cruise lines, and some like to return to their favorite ship.

My cruises are usually divided into relaxing cruises vs sightseeing cruises. On relaxing cruises, which are usually to the Caribbean, I don't care if I've been to the ports before because the ship is more of a focus for me.

On sightseeing cruises, the ports have more importance to me. In that case, I like visiting new places. Itineraries often visit at least one port I've seen before, but that's ok. There are always new excursions to do. A couple of years ago, I went to Alaska for the second time, and had totally different experiences than the first time around.

As always, it's personal preference. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Dave 11-16-2009 06:50 AM

I'll move this to General Cruise Chat since it isn't an RCI-specific question.

No, I don't always go someplace different. We've done probably 15 cruises to the western Caribbean. It then becomes more about relaxing and the ship than it does the ports, although I am quite fond of Cozumel. Why so many western runs? Logistics. I can drive to two ports on the Gulf Of Mexico, but ships leaving from New Orleans and Mobile are limited by distances so they can only do western Caribbean itineraries.

For a getaway cruise, I really don't care about the itinerary.

Of course, the logistics for you being in Ireland are entirely different. You'll always have to fly someplace to cruise.

Dwayne 11-16-2009 08:20 AM

I usually try to alternate the ports with each cruise. It doesn't always work out that way and it doesn't matter to me all that much. I thought I was pretty much done with Nassau, then I recently rediscovered an excursion I hadn't been on for over 10 years. I am way past due to visit St. Thomas.


LHT28 11-16-2009 12:15 PM

We have done several Caribbean cruise & you can do different things at the repeat ports or just stay onboard & enjoy the ship

Try different areas of the world if you are tired of the Caribbean
We are doing Norway next summer

penny3333 11-16-2009 12:33 PM

I have been in the Caribbean on 26 cruises now. I do try to get an itinerary that does at least 1 new port. I also love revisiting some of my favorite islands. The one in December, I've been to all the ports many, many times, so it's mainly for a new ship experience. I have never sailed on Celebrity and I've heard very positive reviews on the ship. The one next year is on the Epic. I've been to all the ports, many, many times, but the Epic is a new ship. I've sailed on NCL 4 times before, and have totally enjoyed each time. I book based on ship, price, and itinerary. The one we took last year on the Royal went to a lot of new ports in the Caribbean, Virgin Gorda, St. Barts, Tobago, and Devil's Island were 4 new ports for me. Plus, the Royal Princess was a new small ship for me. I would love to sail on every Princess ship in their fleet. I would also love to visit every available port in the Caribbean.

I would also love to do Tahiti, the Med (mainly Italy, Spain, and Greece), and would love to do a far east cruise. However, these require me to hit the lottery A transatlantic might be doable one day in the not to distant future. Air fare is a killer for any of the aforementioned cruises.

I have never been disappointed with returning to a port except for Ocho Rios. The first time I went to Ocho Rios was 20 years ago. It was absolutely beautiful. The locals were so friendly and not as pushy as they are now. Jamaica is a beautiful island, and if they'd just realize what they have, it would be such a pleasure to visit. St. Thomas has changed dramatically. I first visited there when I was just a young teen, it was pristine and absolutely breath-taking, Martinique too. Now, well, I don't stay on St. Thomas much, we usually go to St. John. Martinique is NOTHING like it was. While other islands have commercialized, some like Grenada, have managed to do so without becoming dirty. I still love them all, though

Jim C. 11-16-2009 02:53 PM

I really can't add much to what Penny says. We like her, try to have at least one new port on each cruise but we have done the same Western Caribbean cruise a few times only because we live close to the ports those sail from and its less expensive for us to cruise on those ships.

However, saying that, we also are branching out from the Caribbean and have done a Mediterranean cruise, and an Alaska cruise and have plans to do a Western Mexico and a Hawaiian cruise (of course those are dependent on finances.. So if you had the money you certainly could take cruises to different ports each time and easily hit platinum status without doing too many duplicates. Or you can just enjoy the same ports many times. After all you are only visiting these places for about 6 hours per cruise. How much can you experience in a country in 6 hours? So there is plenty of opportunity to see new things.

Berick1234 11-28-2009 06:19 PM

I cruise just to cruise...20 something cruises to the Caribbean and I really don\'t care where the ship goes now....just being on the ship is enough for me....I\'ve been to Alaska 3 times and going again in May....never seem to run out of things to do or see up there...Just enjoy the cruise...

Bob E

Dwayne 11-28-2009 07:30 PM

I want to cruise to Alaska. I still have a few more Caribbean Islands on my list to go to though. It would be a great cruise to do something different in between. I\'ve seen some amazing pictures from Alaskan cruises.


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